1. N

    240 Jet Ignition Timing - replaced stator/rectifiers now timing way off

    Hi all, Took my new-to-me Sea Doo Islandia out and had a loss of power on first day of ownership. Thats what I get for towing back kids who broke down I guess. 2 years later Im still chasing the gremlins out of this thing. Heres everything I have done so far. Serial number 0E406240 Compression...
  2. P

    96 speedster no spark

    No spark on both plugs, both engines. I replaced the two small pwc batteries with a larger single battery, which required taking the exhaust off. upon doing this I saw the starter was bad, so ordered and replaced it. Yesterday I put the exhaust back on and plugged in the hose to try running it...
  3. D

    2015 rxpx 260 will not start

    The engine turns over but there is no spark to any of the spark plugs. Battery is good and the spark plugs are brand new. There aren't any codes on the display but the check engine light comes on. Any ideas? TIA
  4. Andygtx2000

    2000 gtx millennium edition port problems

    So, I bought a 2000 sea doo gtx on Friday and it’s now Monday and I’ve already broke it. Let me explain, I took it out for a ride, was having fun until all of a sudden I stood up and the key came out of the port causing the ski to cut off. Now here comes the problem, when I went to put the key...
  5. Sebastian Bluecrew

    HELP identify this MSD ignition

    I got this part with a sale, it is an MSD ignition, I bought an XP, 1995 with the 720, he said he had it working with this, I cannot identify it. Anyone know?
  6. E

    1994 GTX Resto

    Hey all - I got a 1994 GTX off CL not long ago and was told it needed a new MPEM. After replacing various small parts, and the MPEM, it appeared to be ready to go. As soon as I got it in the water this weekend (for the first time), appeared to have a gas issue, and then a spark issue (it...
  7. Khristian

    Intermittent Spark Issue

    I have a 1998 Seadoo GSX Limited with a 951 engine. I have tried cleaning the grounding wires throughout the electrical system but when I push the start button it will crank and spark once or twice then no further spark. It will only act as if it wants to start but will not. I have changed out...
  8. G

    No spark

    Im posting for help with a seadoo I'm working on for a friend. He dropped off a 1995 seadoo gtx. He rebuilt the motor and every thing worked fine til one day it cut off on him so he thought it was the fuel system. Asked me to go through it and clean it all, which I did. Still didn't help. Next...
  9. 1

    '97 Gsi Missing at Idle

    My '97 Gsi(with 160 Hours) is starting to miss at idle until it warms up. I can feel it when I start it & pull away from the launch ramp. It won't stall but it feels like 1 cylinder is cutting out then it comes back again. Once I throttle up from idle it is fine. After it warms...
  10. F

    Something is running after the power to the engine is turned off

    After running my 2003 Seadoo 4 tec for approximately 20 minutes there was a long single beep and the check engine light came on. I then put the Ski back on the lift, flushed the engine with fresh water and then shut the engine off by removing the key. However, something would come on every few...
  11. P

    Can someone describe the method for testing the M2 'Switch Box" component?

    I suspect that I have a bad switch box which is causing my engine output to falter when it hits about 4,000 RPM. The 210 HP M2 engine has 2 of these switch boxes. As I understand it, one switch box handles 3 cylinders on one side of the engine and the other switch box handles the other 3. I...
  12. Bowis

    717 sometimes runs well but more often smokes and runs unevenly

    I have a Sportster 1997 with the 717 engine. My problem is that sometimes (very sometimes...) the engine runs smoothly and well, and I get up at top speed without a problem. After turning off the engine and start it again, it goes up to about 3000-4000 rpm, smokes and runs unevenly. I have...
  13. keithw08

    no spark need help want to ride

    Hello all, I am new to the world of PWC and am in a bit of a pickle. I recently purchased a 1996 seadoo xp with the 787 rotax motor. The ski was sunk in the ocean so I got it for real cheap. Now I have mechanical skills so rebuilding the engine and replacing the electrical units was easy but...
  14. lswaffield

    97 Challenger Ignition Switch Swap

    I am planning on putting a different momentary switch and hard wiring it to the wires that go to the stock switch. My question is ... Is there any critical circuitry in the OEM switch that I will be bypassing if I install a different one?
  15. M

    Need help, please... Not getting spark

    2000 Sportster LE 951 Carb engine Not getting spark Trigger is coil within range... Two Beeps when Key is on post Cranks Strong No power to primary side of coils. Should this be constant 12vdc as with collapsing coil? No short in wires to primary side, Good ground in rear electrical...
  16. L

    DESS Key or DESS key post problem? 97 GTX

    Hello. I am new to this forum. Recently picked up a pair of 97 GTX's. One of them runs great all day. The other one, however will run for a bit, 100 feet or so and shuts off. Sometimes you can go across the whole pond fine, but then it dies. Unplug and or jiggle the saftey key and it will...
  17. T

    no sparks

    Hello to all. Pleae help me out here. I have a 96 challenger , was running fine for the first 2 hours yesterday on a beautiful monday afternoon. All the sudden , can't start her up again, engine crank crank crank...nothing. Pull the spark plug, test it outside of the motor, no sparks at all...
  18. N

    1994 XP ignition cables

    Hi Guys, just brand new to this forum, and what a joy to find such a nice forum, where people actually still talks nice to eachother ! that´s rare now a days. Anyway, here´s my issue : I have a 94 xp, which has been running like a lightning bolt for almost 10 years, still puts 154 psi on...
  19. T

    Difficulty Starting, Any Help Appreciated

    My apologies in advance for bogging down the forum with another thread about having difficulties with ignition, but I am a broke college student so my only option is to fix it myself. I apologize for a few lacking details the machine belongs to a friend of mine who also owns another seadoo, so...
  20. J

    Seadoo 2000 Bambardier GTX Starting issue

    We have had issues in the past where we had to adjust the key a few times to get the ski started. I was able to get the Seadoo to turn over once or twice today (just took it out of storage). Then I recharged the battery but the sea doo will no longer even click. I used the connections and the...