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Nice upgrades.

did you have the seats reupholstered or new seats? where did you go and how much i i may ask? i also want to go with seadeck.

Hello was selling my clean titled 95hx high compression pistons just checked its pushing 200psi. West coast head, FPP Manifold and pipe, rad lightweight flywheel, mikuni buckshots k&n filters marine grade jetcrafts unlimited fuel rail, rossier intake, micro touch rev, new grips, seat, pump and ride plate aftermarket and top loader. Wasnt sure if i could use this platform to post it. Have videos of compression tested
I have a 2019 Seadoo GTI 155. I was on the lake and hit a mound of rocks and was in about 2 foot of water out of no where. I panicked and threw it in reverse. When I did it sucked up some rocks. It immediately shut off and will not restart, It doesn't even beep or click. And now I have noticed my display is stuck on (without key in it) message scrolling "reading key". I have now disconnected the battery so it doesn'
I am interested in the part # 269700030 after market rope door you mentioned in your post. How do I go about purchasing one for my 1997 sea doo challenger?