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Good morning,
After reading your post I realized that I had immediately added a reply as a point of clarification, so you likely passed it over. When you get a minute can you read this thread and drop in your 2 cents worth, please sir?

Thanks for all you do!
PM me your address and I will send you one that I have. It is used but in good shape.
Will get it in the mail later today or tomorrow. Don’t worry about costs as I get new ones when I send injectors off for cleaning. Hope this gets you by until new ones an be procured. Sea Doo Warehouse used to sell them, but maybe they stopped, not sure.
Thanks. I definitely owe you one...
I recently had knee replacement surgery and am not able to drive. When my wife gets home from work I will see if she can take me to the post office, otherwise I will put it in the mailbox for pick up tomorrow.