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Hey guys I'm looking for some recommendations on my project:
2007 Sea-Doo wake 215-flywheel bolts sheered off.
Replacement parts list:
Arp flywheel bolts
Magneto/stator (OK to buy used??)
Crankshaft thrust washer set
Gasket kit
Main bearing set
Rocker arm/head bolts
Should the timing chain be replaced? Doesn't appear damaged
Anything to know that the service manual doesn't tell you?
Add or subtract anything?
Yeah, I would. And yes, if you were under tow, you should pinch off your water inlet from the pump. I believe the manual says less than 5 mph, your good, but over that, you'll fill the exhaust system with water, till it dumps over into your exhaust ports. Sounds like you got a handle on it. Your description, your resolution, sounds great. I would also want to know the root cause, don't want to replace parts again.
Apparently seadoo was still using the old style flywheel bolts in 2007, I believe that was the problem, they backed out, pushed into the magneto and sheered off. Everything else looks so good I considered replacing the necessary bolts and putting it back together. I've since decided to rebuild with new parts, I'll post pics, would love to get some opinions.
Unfortunately, I don't see a way to post pictures. Seadoosnipe, you said replace timing chain and gears which is what I'm planning to do but have a question. It looks like the 2 gears on the crankshaft are pressed on, can those be replaced?
Hello, I have 2 XP DI's I just picked up. I read that you can suppy/sell the Candoo Pro? Do you have any used ones?
What do they cost? thanks for your time... Mike