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I think this is a private post.

Hi Mayberry Az, I don't actually have cell phone, I get by fine without one, but my 16 year old has one, that I pay for ! Here is his cell number (647-467-7055) , you could try sending him a text with a picture if you wish to help me establish where the transducer works for you.

Thanks Gordon
Hey all. Thanks for the add. I need help finding a 2004 seadoo sportster le engine hatch deck lid. Let me know if one of you guys know where I can fit one. Thanks
I'm a new jet boat owner. Trying to find out how many quarts of oil are needed when changing oil.
Looking for Part # 269500303 for a 1996 Sea Doo GTX, finding alot out there from $25 to LOL $169. Desire color to match ski ie DARK GREEN, but none have GTX logo, anyone got a salvage ski they can get me the deflector which sits on top of the larger lid and protect the gauges. (logo and screw be nice to have).