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can someone call me that has experience with 96 speedster twin rotax engines and propulsion 419-250-3352 troy need guidance please please
thru hull fitting and drive shaft cover sleeve questions???? please help me
the cover sleeve is white plastic and is kinda long. not sure where to get them or how they attach??? or function if mine are busted off??
Having issues with my 2000 sea doo gtx. Has carbs and when out of water with hose hooked up seems to run fine plenty of rpms. Once i put it in the water seems to me that it will run great for 30 seconds and then seems to miss and bog down, running 4600 rpm at best 30 mph and that is a struggle. Replaced plugs coils and removed fuel tank to clean and put fresh fuel in it. Any help is welcomed!!
no oil pressure on a 2010 gtx260 looking for fee back on what it may be .new filter and oil.also a new pressure switch installed
Just bought a 2009 RXT-X....came with a miss...replaced plugs,coils and injectors...seem to run great....put it in the water and no miss but doesn't want to go over 45 mph. Pulled it out of the water and I have 4 " of water in the hull and the 12V light and code on....Looking for some help where to start...Thx
I have a 01 islandia with the 240 m2. I've only had it out once in two years. I went to pull it out and get it on lake. Naturally the gas went bad. I emptied tank and replaced filters. It still will not idle. It starts and wants to go to idle and dies. Im looking for some advice. Thx