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Being a new used boat owner and know O about them...Is there anyone one here that would review an estimate I have from a Mechanic? Just purchased a 2001, very clean, Challenger but had to put it in the shop the first day on the water :(
Hey I know this was awhile ago...how much did it cost for you to fix this problem? I just bought a 97 Sea doo xp Saturday and I took it out Sunday and I have this same issue. I bought it as is and I am freaking out that I just got dooped. the people I bought it from basically told me to get effed lol. How much was this fix? thanks!
This boat has been in storage for 4 yrs. I’ve been co own since purchased new. Now I’m the only owner. I took it to the shop to get it serviced and new tires.
Bill was 1075.00. I have always been the passenger and never the maintence person. Can anyone give me some tips on first trip to the water solo.