1. H

    1997 GTX Project/ Rebuild

    Hi All, Was browsing marketplace and came across what I think is a 1997 GTX. It was abandoned at a rental property, but it was cheap, has no hull damage. Does anyone have a resource for a service manual? On my list so far: Power Wash Keys Missing (trip to dealer and dess coding) Compression...
  2. S

    Seadoo beeper continously beeps

    Have a 1996 GTI I've rebuilt alot on. I've replaced the buzzer and start switch with high quality options from I also replaced the info gauge from a reseller on ebay. All the multifunctions of the gauge work. I rebuilt the fuel baffle so gas level would show properly. Temperature...
  3. Hankst3r

    DESS Lanyard Help Needed!

    So i have a 717 system. and i recently bought the kill switches for the sp 587. and i don't have the lanyard for the dess kill switch. is there a generic one i can just buy online? or am i going to have to spend a crazy amount of money on a special one and match it to my ski? is there any way to...
  4. 94samson

    Question on DESS

    When was the DESS key put into Sea-Doo models? Is it normal for a 1996 Sea-Doo SPX to have a standard post kill switch? Is it normal for a seadoo with a standard post kill switch to have a MPEM with the wire for the DESS application? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  5. FeelinNauti

    Do I have DESS key?

    I have a 2012 Challenger SE 210 and the lanyard is a basic style (no chip). Does the key have a chip or just a fancy key? Is DESS only involving the lanyard or if the ignition key has a chip is there a way to tell? It looks a black cup with a key in the center. Hard to believe there are any...
  6. M

    07 GTX Std starting issue

    I have a 2007 gtx std that is having an intermittent issue "waking up" the ECU when I place the lanyard on the DESS post. My first thought was that the DESS post and or lanyard were bad. I pinned out the wires from the DESS post at the connection under the front compartment and it ohms good...
  7. H

    1997 Seadoo Challenger / No start

    Hi everyone, First off, I'm very new to this site as this is my first thread. Just bought the boat sunday from someone I know and knowing it wasn't starting. Last year when they took it out for the last few times, it would cut out and not restart for a while, so they bought a new key; Problem...
  8. J

    Seadoo 3d starting issues

    Hi new to this forum. Picked up a seadoo 3d rfi about a year ago now. Was out riding it a few weeks ago and when I stopped for a while and went to restart I was only getting a jolt from the starter motor (doesn't turn engine over). On further examination the motor would turn over and start when...
  9. M

    1998 GSX Limited 5 amp MPEM fuse blows

    The 5 amp MPEM fuse blows if i plug the DESS key in or if I just press the start button. I am getting all sorts of answers from people. I've unplugged the stator and pressed the button, and it still blows that way. Ive disconnected the gauges from the computer and pressed the button, it still...
  10. A

    nothing happens when I attach lanyard/DESS

    Hello guys, I’ve got a seadoo RXP from 2004. A few months ago a very weird problem showed up. When I put the DESS on the DESS-post, literally nothing happens. No bleep, no “seadoo” on the screen. Just like the battery is disconnected. And sometimes, when I leave the key on the post, after a...
  11. 6

    97 XP 787 - Will a bad DESS post cause backfiring and resulting engine damage?

    If you don't want to read my long winded story below then please just answer the following question: Can a bad DESS post cause the engine to backfire while riding in the upper RPM range, push out and bend the rotary valve, scrape up the RV cover, and then cause the engine to quit? If you...
  12. R

    96 XP - DESS changed behavior. Suddenly, have to press Start before it sees the key.

    First post here, glad this forum exists. I have a 96 XP that's worked fine for the 12 years I've owned it. Always just put the DESS lanyard key on the post, beep-beep, hit start. Always. Boat runs great. This weekend, I started it on the trailer for a few seconds in preparation for...
  13. A

    98 GSX Limited starting issues

    :mad: Hello all. I'm a new member and I've seen a couple other threads on this topic but none of them seemed to come to a solution. I'm hoping you can help. I've got two GSX Limited (5625) that have been sitting for a few years. (winterized correctly and under cover outdoors) I wanted to get...
  14. G

    DESS Key problems: 96 XP

    Sea Doo Friends, I would appreciate your advice on a problem with my 96 XP. I pulled the ski out for the first time from winter with a few problems. I knew when I put it up I had a problem with a stripped shaft or PTO. When I first tried to get it to start it would not turn over. I came to...
  15. M

    97 Sea Doo GT intermittent key recognition

    97 Sea Doo GS intermittent key recognition Hello all! First off thanks for the time! Last fall I was riding my 97 Sea Doo GS on the Mississippi River. Ran great all day. We pulled in to eat and when we went to leave I put the key on, nothing. Gauges did light up, no beeps, nothing. I got it out...
  16. K

    '96 Challenger... Wierd Starting Sequence!?

    Everything has been fine for years. Went to start the other day, put key on and got the single "error" beep...and obviously couldn't get it to engage the starter. I'm pretty sure that the DESS key was working or I guess I wouldn't have gotten the error beep. Now, for the weird part: I take...
  17. M

    RXT instrument cluster & relay always on

    My RXT had been sitting for a while and the battery was dead. I put a charger on it while it was still connected. Looking back that was probably a bad thing to do :( So I did disconnected the battery and finished charging it. Now whenever I connect the battery I can hear a relay click on and...
  18. xintersecty

    Spark Key Secuirty (alternates?)

    Seadoo in their wisdom to save a buck (good for everybody) just uses a magnet to enable to the motor to start. Has anybody heard of a alternate security system that can be installed on the spark for real security? Aftermarket? Or Factory support DESS on the spark mod?
  19. bodine465

    96 GTX stalling. Possible DESS issue?

    Picked up a clean 96 GTX with a torn apart engine a couple years back for dirt cheap. Rebuilt the engine, replaced the corroded carbs with a set off Ebay, which I went through & cleaned. Replaced the gray fuel lines. Needed a new lanyard, which was programmed at the dealer. Finished near the end...
  20. L

    DESS Key or DESS key post problem? 97 GTX

    Hello. I am new to this forum. Recently picked up a pair of 97 GTX's. One of them runs great all day. The other one, however will run for a bit, 100 feet or so and shuts off. Sometimes you can go across the whole pond fine, but then it dies. Unplug and or jiggle the saftey key and it will...