1. Jetfrank

    2005 RXT Starter relay issue

    Hi All - working on this RXT and dealing with a relay issue. Relay is fine (was replaced) but is not getting the signal to close when I press the start button. I removed it and jumped the small posts from the starter button and it clicked like normal. Any simple reason that the button is not...
  2. S

    1997 Seadoo XP MPEM

    Hello, I just picked up a seadoo xp 787 1997 for cheap with a trailer since it was hydrolocking with oil in the PTO cylinder. I was able to get it running today off starting fluid, put it in the water and let it run for a while to burn out the oil. It worked pretty well and the ski restarted...
  3. christianwlcp

    2006 Sea-Doo GTX Wake Edition Starting Problem

    Thanks all for you time in and patience in advance! As the title states, I've got a 2006 Sea-Doo GTX Wake Edition with a starting problem. So far I've replaced my ignition button (red one which is pushed with left hand), the solenoid, the battery, cleaned whatever corrosion was on the...
  4. D

    1996 GTX Will & Wont Turn Over

    Ok i took some advice and pulled the number 1 plug. Turned over good and wanted to start. Put the plug back on a turn over again but wont start. PULL PLUG 2 (rear) and it turn right over except oil shot out of it all over the place. Is this normal???
  5. N

    Fuse issues

    So last week I got my 2000 Sea Doo RX running fine. I was excited to test it out today but when I tried starting it a couple of times it wouldn't go (so close to turning on though). I decided to go get some starter fluid and try that. By the time I got back the dashboard was off, so I took the...
  6. Shane0524

    Could these spark plugs cause hard starting?

    I just finished rebuilding the carbs and replacing the fuel lines on my 1996 GTX with a stock 787 setup. The machine has 50 hours. When I took it out for its first test ride after the work it ran great. 7000 rpm no problem and 50+ mph. Here is the one issue though, it tended to be a bit...
  7. K

    '96 Challenger... Wierd Starting Sequence!?

    Everything has been fine for years. Went to start the other day, put key on and got the single "error" beep...and obviously couldn't get it to engage the starter. I'm pretty sure that the DESS key was working or I guess I wouldn't have gotten the error beep. Now, for the weird part: I take...
  8. R

    1996 spi starting issues

    Recently got a 1996 sea doo spi project. Had not been in water for couple years, replaced mpem as it was blown. Rebuilt carb. Started in shop for about 5 seconds with slight rev-up on three different occasions. Took it to water and had to choke it started and died couple times. Dd get it to...
  9. T

    2000 Speedster w/ Merc 240EFI - won't start after warmed up

    Hey kids, I've combed the forums, and incorporated as much as I could find before posting, so that I wouldn't waste anybody's time. I'm going to include everything I think may be relevant, so please bear with me. First, a quick disclaimer...I just bought this boat, so I don't have a lot...
  10. D

    1994 GTS - Dies at high rpm????? fuel problem??

    My ski runs at low - no throttle, then when I gas it, it dies after a few seconds. It will start back up after I let it sit for a second. Any suggestions?
  11. T

    starting issue, no power to 30 amp relay.

    its a 2008 GTI SE 155. I cant get a wiring diagram. The ski was acting finicky and I noticed problems with the small 30 amp relay in the smaller fuse box. I have a bunch of sea-doos and every once in a while nothing will happen when you put in the key. Just pulling an re-seating this relay...
  12. K

    2008 RXT-X 255 Suddenly not Starting

    Hey everyone, New here, hoping to get an answer to my question to avoid taking my jetski to the dealer and maybe fix it myself. I have a 2008 RXT-X with ~100 hours logged on it. I took it out of storage recently to get it ready to go for the summer. Charged up the battery (I believe it was the...
  13. C

    2009 Speedster Start Problem

    I recently bought a 2009 Speedster 150 and had a question about starting it. Only had 12 hours of use on it and it is practically new. I've had it out 5 times now and I noticed that there is some inconsistency getting it started. I seems that it will start up first try once I get it in the water...
  14. C

    2009 Seadoo Speedster Start Help

    I recently bought a 2009 Seadoo Speedster 150 and had a question about starting it. Only had 12 hours of use on it and it is practically new. I've had it out 5 times now and I noticed that there is some inconsistency getting it started. I seems that it will start up first try once I get it in...
  15. S

    Starting - 98 speedster (2x787) off-season projects

    As we are approaching the end of the season I am beginning my winter projects list. I'm thinking this list should include rebuilding the carbs. This has been my first season with this boat and its been great. The only problem is starting at the first of the day takes a bit. I have to hit each...
  16. M

    1997 gti cant get it started

    The gti quit running four or five years ago at the time the engine would crank but not fire unless i sprayed starter fluid in the carb, I finally got around to working on it this year and rebuilt the carb replaced all of those gray fuel lines replaced the battery and opened up the engine to free...
  17. J

    96 GSX starting question

    First off, THANK YOU, to everyone on this forum. The information that I have gained has been priceless! I do however have a quick question, 96 GSX, bought early summer, changed fuel lines, clean carbs and filters, new batt, new plugs. Started and ran great on trailer, took to the lake and...
  18. M

    SeaDoo Utopia 185 - starting and idle issues

    I have a 2001 SeaDoo Utopia 185 powered by a Merc 210. I've had it for just over a year now. The boat runs great for the most part. When it's been sitting for about a week, it struggles to start. Turns over but doesn't catch until to you try it about 8 times. Could this be a battery...
  19. T

    657x Won't Turn Over

    So I have a 95 Sea-doo Speedster. Currently one engine is in pieces and doesn't work because of a bad crank. The other engine just will not turn over. I had the starter rebuilt and when I directly connect a battery to the starter it will not turn completely over. It will just sit there and turn...
  20. T

    Help.....I need to fix or sell this boat (1999 seadoo challenger)!!!!!

    Is anyone interested in buying or assisting me in fixing my 1999 challenger? I have had the carp rebuild ($300), rotory valve repaired ($800), new starter($250) and carps adjusted again ($100). The compression is good, I forget what it was I checked it last fall but I believe they were close...