1. N

    1996 Seadoo GTX Bombardier Won’t Start

    Hi everyone, I have been reading forums here for weeks now trying to figure out this 1996 Seadoo but I’m a little lost where to go from here. It was given to me, it sat for several years outside not used & exposed to the elements but the inside is pretty clean - no mouse nests, water sitting...
  2. Aaron787gsx

    Sea doo xp 1994 hard starting

    Hey everyone I got a 1994 sea doo xp with 657 twin carb. Rebuilt carbs new needle and seat adjusted HIGH and LOW screws on carbs started up fine but went to go put it in the water and wouldn’t go over 4000 rpm and wouldn’t start again.... any input is appreciated thanks!
  3. D

    Trouble Turning over

    Good morning everyone. I am having some issues with my 95 seadoo XP 717. It started with a simple bad starter. I pulled the ski replaced the starter and went out for a test run. I had absolutely no power and blew a huge cloud of blue smoke. Shut it off next thing you knew it wouldn’t start...
  4. S

    96 Seadoo gti help

    First off would like to state I have used this forum several times over the years on numerous jet skis great information! But this has me stumped. When I start the ski it keeps cranking and after it is started you can hear the starter still engaged also. To stop the cranking I pull the DESS key...
  5. FeelinNauti

    Sea Doo Challenger Won't Start - Brief Continuous Beep?

    I made the mistake of briefly leaving the boat for 4 weeks on a trailer without removing the battery or placing it on a trickle charger... Re-charged the battery, then tried a new battery. All fuses appear ok. No click or anything pushing start on either engine. 13v on battery. All I get is a...
  6. K

    1997 GTX Cranks But No Start

    I have a 1997 Seadoo GTX with maybe 80 Hours on it. When i first got it, it ran beautifully for half a summer and then one day it just cut off. I have since changed all fluids such as oil, new gas, new spark plugs, new lanyard, new battery. The engine cranks, but never turns over. The Dashboard...
  7. M

    07 GTX Std starting issue

    I have a 2007 gtx std that is having an intermittent issue "waking up" the ECU when I place the lanyard on the DESS post. My first thought was that the DESS post and or lanyard were bad. I pinned out the wires from the DESS post at the connection under the front compartment and it ohms good...
  8. hawker

    GTi 130 - 2009 don"t start!

    Hi!! I charger my battery and after the charger is full, i start the engine and Works about 30 seconds and turnoff. In next day, when i tray to start, all is normal, pump, panel, beeps, no erros displaying, but when i try to start, nothing occours! Just the pump starts. The fuses and relays...
  9. M

    My first set of Sea-doo's, what to do?

    Hello everyone, I posted about getting my first set of Sea-doo's in the Meet and Greet. They are a 1996 GTX and a 1997 XP. Well after acquiring them I am at a loss of what to do with them. The engines run with no problems and start up on first push. I am looking to cosmetically bring them back...
  10. B

    No start after injectors replacement

    2003 gti le rfi
  11. S

    Where to start?

    A little bit about me to start with I'm new to the forum and to all forms of water craft. I'm 27 live in Scotland and although I have no experience with these I'm fairly handy with cars and bikes so hopefully some of that will help. Ok so a guy I went to school with was selling a jet ski...
  12. G

    Just starting to figure this thing out

    I started poking around this 1997 GTI and found a couple of things right off the bat. The electrical box cover is broken AND obsolete. Does that make it irreplaceable? The oil in the reservoir has a slight blue cast to it... is that the synthetic? It looks like the previous owner was looking at...
  13. H

    1997 Seadoo Challenger / No start

    Hi everyone, First off, I'm very new to this site as this is my first thread. Just bought the boat sunday from someone I know and knowing it wasn't starting. Last year when they took it out for the last few times, it would cut out and not restart for a while, so they bought a new key; Problem...
  14. Brholwer

    96 xp wont start, clicking at solenoid but won't crank even crossing terminals

    Hey all, i rode my xp hard weekend of the fourth and got too much water on it and it wouldnt start, but then it would turn over, now it wont even turn over. I got a new solenoid and tried it but still nothing, i hit the start button and just a click from the solenoid. I tried crossing the...
  15. R

    96 GTX Clicks on start - not solenoid

    So I've got a 96 GTX which I just had the top end done over the winter and it was running great all last week. I took it out a couple days ago and was heading out of the docks when I accidently pulled the key while idling and when I put it back in all I got was the click from the solenoid. So I...
  16. R

    96 XP - DESS changed behavior. Suddenly, have to press Start before it sees the key.

    First post here, glad this forum exists. I have a 96 XP that's worked fine for the 12 years I've owned it. Always just put the DESS lanyard key on the post, beep-beep, hit start. Always. Boat runs great. This weekend, I started it on the trailer for a few seconds in preparation for...
  17. L

    2005 Speedster 200 4tec SC 185 won't start, check engine light help

    Hi guys- Need some advice. I was running the boat today and heard a long beep while driving but didn't notice any problems. Ran for a bit longer and then shut it down and anchored for a bit. When I when to start up, I connected the DESS, got two beeps. One engine started fine and the other I...
  18. S

    No power, won't start

    What's up guys, I have a 2006 GTX supercharged. I've been using it weekly, probably about 2 days a week for the past couple months. My buddies and i were wakeskating behind it on my lake so there's a lot of stop and go. About 20 minutes in my buddy jumped in the water and i got on the ski...
  19. A

    98 GSX Limited starting issues

    :mad: Hello all. I'm a new member and I've seen a couple other threads on this topic but none of them seemed to come to a solution. I'm hoping you can help. I've got two GSX Limited (5625) that have been sitting for a few years. (winterized correctly and under cover outdoors) I wanted to get...
  20. M

    97 Sea Doo GT intermittent key recognition

    97 Sea Doo GS intermittent key recognition Hello all! First off thanks for the time! Last fall I was riding my 97 Sea Doo GS on the Mississippi River. Ran great all day. We pulled in to eat and when we went to leave I put the key on, nothing. Gauges did light up, no beeps, nothing. I got it out...