96 GTX Clicks on start - not solenoid

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So I've got a 96 GTX which I just had the top end done over the winter and it was running great all last week. I took it out a couple days ago and was heading out of the docks when I accidently pulled the key while idling and when I put it back in all I got was the click from the solenoid. So I started to diagnose the issue which started with jumping the solenoid which resulted in nothing, starter didn't turn over or anything. Still I swapped out the solenoid with another GTX I have and got the same result which made me think it was the starter. I pulled out the starter and replaced it with a spare old one I had and it started up again. I took it out on the water and it started and stopped the first few times just fine, then I hear the dreaded "click" again from the solenoid. I just find it really odd that it can run fine for an hour then just stop.

Any advice on what this could be? A lose connection somewhere maybe? Starter button?

- The leads looked clear and rust free when I replaced the starter
- I've checked the front fuse box and all the fuses are good.
- I had a battery powered jump starter with me so the battery should have had charge enough for that not too cause it.
- Starter was just replaced so I doubt its that
- Solenoid was just swapped with another one

Thanks in advance guys!
Get the battery load tested. Remove main cable connections, clean them, use dielectric grease and reinstall.
Yeah I think that'll be my next step is clean all the connections, and check there's no lose wires. I'll update after I get time to do it. Thanks!
Just an update. Pulled the starter and replaced it again and it booted up. Pulled the starter I put on and IT WAS FILLED WITH WATER, which is an odd thing considering I've never dumped it. Anyway thanks for all the advice guys.
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