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  • Recently picked up a 1994 sea Doo spi 2 stroke. Can anybody tell me how often they are adding oil? After about 3 rides it hasn’t seemed to go down at all. Leads me to believe the fuel injector isn’t working right? I also had the oil alarm go off on my last ride. Want to sort this out before I take it out again. Thanks
    Hi yes Sir,
    Certainly did not mean to do anything improper. Thought meet & great was a good place to re- introduce my self & announce I would be retiring from Sea Doo once I sold my boat. ( thought there would be some old timers who would remember me. As I recall I had not posted in 4 yrs. Joined/registered in 08.Have always had nick name/ handle of can doo I have posted on & off over the last 7-8 yrs; with questions & thanks for help. Did not know about i trader. Thats a good feature. I will certainly post there.Thank you for pulling me out of the mud I stepped in.:thumbsup: can doo
    You have helped me before and I would like to ask your advice. 2000 951 DI. It runs very good and starts up real quick when it has been setting for a day. The problem is when I have it completely warmed up after riding for a long time and I stop for a few minutes, especially after I have been in a no wake area for a short while. Sometimes it starts after 5-10 sec of cranking, but others it won't start until I let is sit for a while. Under the above conditions during restarting, should the throttle be left alone? Any ideas?
    Thank you, Gearboxx5

    My name is Jane . I see your profile and like it,i do not normally stay online due to some personal reasons, can you contact me back at my private (Email) ( there i will tell you about myself and more of my pictures.
    Waiting for your reply
    hey Man, Turned Out To Be Bad Battery.. VolTage Was 11.5/12.. It Would Turn Over When Jumping The Solenoid, But Still Bad
    Thanks for the help so far Joe!! Rain passed over and I was able to fix a few things on the ski, updated the OP with fixes bolded.

    Btw.. those skis of yours look like something I would have seen watching scifi movies back in the 80's, pretty cool.

    I was reading a post of yours and you said you bought all the gel coats for your ski's. I have a spot on the keel where it hit the trailer i need to fix. I have the paint codes from seadoo to get the color to match but I cant find anywhere to buy it. Where did you get yours? I find Seadoo dealerships not willing to help me out.

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