1. T

    98 GSX LTD no beep no nothing

    My 951 GSX sucked up a bunch of weeds and overheated and took on a bit of water. I was w able to rectify the issue and get it back on the water for a short duration before it dying and unable to start back up. Since then I haven’t even gotten a beep from when I put the key on or hit the start...
  2. B

    1999 Sea Doo GSX 951 went full throttle then stopped

    Hello, I had recently changed all the fuel lines on my 99 GSX with the 951 engine. Everything was working just fine before and after the fuel line change. I started it up today and it slowly progressed to go full throttle in a matter of seconds. I shut it off because I was concerned. Now it...
  3. G

    1999 GSX Limited

    I just purchased a '99 GSX LTD and was wondering what are the key components that anyone that has had one would replace being a 24 year old machine. I know about changing the fuel lines and spark plugs and wires of course, and the carbon seal, starter, starter relay , rectifier, etc as i have...
  4. burtshaver2021

    97 GSX sputtering, not getting fuel?

    I purchased a 1997 GSX a couple of days ago. 134 hours, 140 and 141 pounds compression. Seen that it had the Tempo fuel lines but I couldn’t wait to get it out on the water especially since these may be the last warm days here in Ontario. I did remove all the old purple oil from the oil...
  5. R

    FOR SALE NEED RH GSX Sponson or compatible set

    I am reluctant to post on here about this as I was successfully scammed by one member and 2 others made the same attempt, but here we go. I have a 96 GSX and i am in need of a RH sponson. I am open to a pair of other compatible models or decent price on a set of used aftermarket ones that will...
  6. J

    NEED HELP 1997 Seadoo GSX won't start!

    NEEP HELP!!! (Sorry for the long thread of crazy information) I just got a 1997 GSX with an “Electrical Issue” so the owner said… This is what I have done so far to trouble shoot! This is what’s happening, I’ll connect the battery, attached key to post. At which nothing happens, no beeps, no...
  7. N

    98 gsx in need of parts $

    I have a 98 gsx looking for the rear bumper trim it is (rear bumper trim (indigo) 291000866) can’t find wondering in someone has one laying around that’s just a part ski they would be willing to sell me one off of here’s ski for reference it is the blue one on the left
  8. C

    99 GSX Limited Info Gauge Problem

    Hello all, Yesterday I picked up my first PWC a 1999 Sea Doo GSX Limited. It’s in really good shape and runs well but has one issue. The info gauge is not working properly and I have attached a picture to show this. The speedometer works perfectly fine. Also, when I attach they key it makes a...
  9. S

    How to install oil seal in 787 magneto housing without $150 in specialty tools?

    Hello all, I have a 1996 GTX. It has moisture damage inside ignition housing and i am replacing just about all contained parts. My question: Is it possible/very difficult to remove old and install new oil seal in the magneto housing without the pusher and handle specified in the shop...
  10. Brenman22

    NEED HELP 1996 GSX Wiring Issue

    ***SeadooRunningVideo*** NEED HELP With My 1996 GSX! I think its a wiring issue but not 100% sure. New to all this. There's a video of it running and you can see the RPM's jumping around running rough and i'm not touching the throttle and it just dies on its own. So what happened is i was...
  11. PolarCelsius

    GSX 787 NO SPARK

    So I made the dumb mistake of hooking up the ignition coil ground to the positive terminal of the battery, I fried 2 ignition coils doing this before I realized what I had done I have a new ignition coil now, new boots and new plugs, ski powers up and turns over, but no spark, it worked last...
  12. ettinger411015

    98 seadoo gsxl no beep gauges not working

    Hi guys. I have a 98 seadoo gsxl. Engine runs great, starts every time. But no beep when placing key and gauges aren’t working. Was told by repair shop that there is power to the gauges but they’re not working. Any suggestions?
  13. P

    1997 GSX electrical problems

    Hi everyone. Recently started having issues with my 1997 GSX. I was out on the lake and my rectifier went bad. I replaced the rectifier with an OEM used one and it ran great right after install, but coming back to it the next day, I found the battery was dead. I put it on the battery charger...
  14. cam2rich

    No beep, no power

    Hello, I was just given a 96 GSX with a seized motor and a rear electrical box full of water. I freed the motor and checked compression (shockingly it had 162 165), replaced the starter solenoid as the post was corroded, the two smaller ring terminals that go the the battery cable post, and the...
  15. riwaverunner

    1998 GSX Ltd Info Center

    Hi all, I've got a 1998 GSX Limited (5629/5845 with the 951 engine) and the info center/gauge display is shot. Not sure if it's the whole thing or just the display. I've seen the display repair kits online for $25ish that replace the polarizer film, but I think the damage to my display goes...
  16. PatrickEgan

    GSX 5645 2000 RFI (HIN zzn02974l900) - milky oil in cylinder

    Hi guys, I am an absolute newb as it relates to rotax and larger engine repair. I have done several carbs but never made it to head gaskets and cylinder rings. That being said, I was hoping you guys could help me. The Seadoo we own 2000 GSX, I think is a 800 not the LTD so I have read one...
  17. P

    97 Sea-Doo GSX with very quick battery drain

    Hi, I recently bought a 1997 Sea-Doo GSX. It didn't run and had been sitting for a while. We put on a new starter and a new battery and got it to start for a bit. About a week later we went back to it and it wouldn't start. Tracked the problem down to a bad ignition coil. While we were at it, we...
  18. PolarCelsius

    Wear ring contact with prop for GSX 787

    My wear ring makes contact with my factory prop, the prop is in slightly questionable shape with some rugged edges here and there, I sanded them down for the most part The prop has a small but noticable gap between itself and the wear ring for most of the 'clockface but at the 5-o'clock...
  19. F

    97 seadoo gsx cranks but won’t start

    So I just rebuilt the engine on a project 97 seadoo gsx and the problem is it will crank over with spark just fine, but won’t start. I know the motor has good compression because it was just rebuilt and the battery and plugs are new too so the spark is good. I put new fuel lines in and rebuilt...
  20. PolarCelsius


    Last time out on the water, when I would turn off the engine, intermittently upon putting the key back on the high temp LED would flash a few times, then whole info dash would turn off... take out key and try again, eventually it would just work as normal. Now it seems to be indefinite. Will not...