GSX 5645 2000 RFI (HIN zzn02974l900) - milky oil in cylinder

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Hi guys,

I am an absolute newb as it relates to rotax and larger engine repair.

I have done several carbs but never made it to head gaskets and cylinder rings.

That being said, I was hoping you guys could help me.

The Seadoo we own 2000 GSX, I think is a 800 not the LTD so I have read one has gaskets and other has orings...

Anyhow... the original issue started that there was a Milky oil mixture in the hull. it was coming from somewhere.. never figured it out.
Got a mechanic to look at it , he said it was fine. I am sure he was incorrect.

if we remove one plug, it doesnt work, if we put that back in and remove the other, it will start but blow out this milky oil mixture.

So I suspect some form of a leaky gasket OR a crack in the block allowing oil into the cooling system or vice versa.

I was going to try to do a top end rebuild, but cant find a model specific DIY rebuild.

A. Does anyone have any idea what is happening AND B. if so is there a generic enough video that will walk me through the rebuild?
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