1. mejim707

    Make Rave Valve Gasket

    I have a 96 Rotax 787 with two rave valves that needed cleaning. I cleaned both. The gaskets were mostly ok, but there was a bit of the material left on the head, so some tore off. I don't feel comfortable reusing them. I have Fel-Pro Karropak gasket material and cut my own making sure to...
  2. PatrickEgan

    GSX 5645 2000 RFI (HIN zzn02974l900) - milky oil in cylinder

    Hi guys, I am an absolute newb as it relates to rotax and larger engine repair. I have done several carbs but never made it to head gaskets and cylinder rings. That being said, I was hoping you guys could help me. The Seadoo we own 2000 GSX, I think is a 800 not the LTD so I have read one...
  3. Gordo

    Where to apply locktite when replacing fuel pump assembly

    I have been searching for an answer but it is not clear if the locktite 518 item 32 on pump assembly with sender unit is added just to the studs or also on the rubber gasket. I have a new sender unit and gasket to install on a 2010 speedster 150 and I would think that the rubber gasket will seal...
  4. shep

    Replacing Powerhead on a 2003 200 DFI 2.5L OPTIMAX M2, what gaskets?

    Hey guys: I'm swapping out the powerhead this week on my 200 DFI 2.5L OPTIMAX M2, as I blew the old one, and I want to order the gaskets that I'll need for the powerhead. I think it is these two, but can't confirm, can anyone help? I'm not sure that I have the right ones, or if it's even...
  5. R

    97 787 rebuild

    I have been rebuilding the 787 for about a month now. the reason for doing it was cause it wouldnt start and one of the cylinders was showing 90 compression while the other 155. well the top of that piston had dents in it everywhere ands even in the head. I pulled the piston off thinking that...
  6. C

    Lean Runaway after Carb maintenance

    Hi All, Recently got the 96 Challenger out for it's first start up after a couple of months to get ready for Summer (Australia). Did the normal prep. Boat was stuck on full throttle, diagnosed the issue as a seized throttle shaft. I'm since removed the carb, fixed the issue and reinstalled...
  7. D

    95 XP Exhaust Manifold Bolts

    Has anyone else experienced the bolts coming loose on the manifold? We've just had the jet ski serviced and it goes like a boeing but after about 15 minutes of use the bolts holding the exhuast to the manifold come loose. We've taken it back to the service centre who have used loctite on the...