1. C

    Plastic ring stuck in impeller

    Hey everyone I was out riding my 2002 sea doo rx di today. While I was riding I was taking a turn and the power decreased dramatically like something was stuck in the impeller so I brought it back to shore and pulled this out anyone know what this ? A wear ring maybe ? I’m not the most...
  2. C

    Need help finding the problem

    I have a 2002 seadoo Gti Le and have been having problems with it. First I took it to a mechanic and he said it was a compression problem so I rebuild the top end. I compression tested it after and both cylinders are 140. I also cleaned the carb got a new battery, news spark plugs and did a oil...
  3. E

    2002 GTX-DI

    Potentially going to look at two 2002 GTX-DI water-crafts. The owner is asking $3,000 for the pair with a trailer. He says one runs but has low compression and the other just needs a starter. Both have just over 200 hours. Both look pretty clean aesthetically and the trailer seems to be in good...
  4. BigFord

    2002 Speedster Lt blowing 5amp Fuse on MPEM TWIN ROTAX

    How are you guys, I'm desperate need of a service manual for 2002 Speedster Lt, and need the location of the MR2535 diode on MPEM, just bought the boat as a progect, having a hard time finding info on the MPEM the boat has twin Rotax engines,
  5. C

    RXDI 2002 starting problems and dies when ideling

    Hey Guys. I'm new here and also a newb regarding 2-strokers. Just baught me a Sea-doo RXDI 2002 with only 65h and previously owned by my friend. So driving vice it has been handled gently. It has been on land for 4 years when I took it home a week ago and changed the battery and it started up...
  6. N

    2002 Seadoo 4-Tec No Display Quick Question

    Hello I own a 2002 Seadoo 4-Tec and I drove it last weekend and the weirdest thing happened. I put the key key in like normal (double beep) then started it like normal. After a few seconds of driving it there was a long beep and the display just shut off but the PWC kept running so i brought...
  7. M

    Oil leak / high oil pressure on a GTX 2002

    Hi! While i was riding my pwc couple of weeks ago i got the warning message "oil". I stopped and found out that i got oil in the hull. Back home i plugged in the water, starter and looked for the leak. Found out that a lot of oil were coming from the oil filter Box. I removed the cap but the...
  8. E

    New to me, few questions/advice needed - 2002 GTX RFI and 2002 GTX DI

    New member of the site, and new owner of a 2002 GTX RFI (75 hours) and 2002 GTX DI (70 hours). Each has approximately had 25 hours put on since we purchased on July 9th. I am aware of the problems the 951 DI engines are known for (thanks to this forum), and am trying to take all necessary...
  9. H

    hoffmanlaw - Help!

    Hi. I have (had) a Seadoo 2002 GTX 155 and took it out for the first time this season. It was not ridden at all last season. I bought it June 2009 with low hours and it was not ridden much at all in 2009, 2010 or 2011. It was stored out of water under a roof since purchase. From the end of the...
  10. B

    Brightondale, New to Seadooforum / Tachometer Problem

    Hi all, I'm Dale and new to this forum. I've had my 2002 Sportster LT now for 10 years and a while back I used the jetboating.net forum with no complaints, but the activity seems to have dried up there since sticking my nose back in. Since I can't find a dealer who still has a working...
  11. G

    2002 gtx rfi issue with starting on water and bogging down

    Hi all, just after a bit of help with my seadoo gtx rfi 2002, basically when i have it out of the water on the trailer and run with the hose connected the ski starts and idles fine everytime , revs out to about 6900 rpm and sounds healthy, once i put it in the water sometimes it starts and...
  12. S

    2002 GTX DI electrical

    Who is the smartest mechanic on this site? In 09 my Sea Doo started stalling out once fully warmed up. The dealer repaired what they said was an exhaust leak but it had the same simptom. I returned it to the dealer in 2010 and told them I wasn't paying anything addtional until they fixed...
  13. K

    2002 GTI le new battery, dead until I push the start button....then 1 beep....

    Hello all, Before I get taken to the cleaners I am wondering if someone can point me in the right direction..... Last year the ski ran great, this year bought a new battery, charged it out of the ski (always have done that) put it in. When I put the fob on the post, no beeps and no reading on...
  14. T

    2002 GTX DI Wiring Harness

    Hello all, I have an issue with my ski, it starts but does nothing more then a rough idle. Took it to the dealer, they say it is a wiring issues, power not getting properly to the injectors. I have had it in there before for an electrical issue, they replaced some of the wiring on the harness...
  15. T

    2002 GTX DI - Possible Jet Pump Issue

    Hi all, I have a 2002 GTX DI, It always had an annoying rattle sound on idle but went away when throttled was opened. This past weekend I got it out of the water and started it when I revved it up the loud rattle did not dissapear. It sounds like it it coming form the back so I assume the...
  16. M

    Can't pull a water skier?

    I'm pretty new to the PWC experience. I bought a used 02 gtx ltd. It a pretty great machine but the "hole shot" is terrible. I keep hitting the rev limiter trying to pull a water skier out of the water, just can't get him up. The top speed is pretty fast but the that's it. Looked at the wear...
  17. Irish1800

    WTB OEM Bimini Top 1800 Challenger(Burgandy)

    I'm looking for a factory bimini with all hardware if anyone has one laying around. I know I can buy aftermarket, but I've seen some of these and don't like the install.
  18. brandon32689

    2002 yamaha waverunner 4 sale

    hello, im selling my bus haha, call it that cause its a big ski, but great shape i have a seadoo gsx also, and more into the smaller 2 seaters so i am selling to get another one like it i have it posted on cl to. i live in tx so if your close we can deal i am asking 3200 for it with no trailer...
  19. C

    2002 utopia 240EFI won't start

    I have a 02' utopia 205 with the 240hp that has sat out of use for quite a while. I have been attempting to bring it back to life over the past few days, and i have hit a stand-still. After draining the old fuel, changing the fuel filters, new battery etc. the motor will turn over but not run...