1. Challenger1800!

    MPEM needed Challenger Speedster 1998-1999

    Looking for a used mpem for 98-99 challenger or speedster with key. If anyone has had their MPEM replaced. I'd be interested in dissecting the old mpem board to learn how to repair it even if key is missing. The old owner of mine DESTROYED the one they fried due to jumping. Part # 204470155
  2. N

    Looking for a wiring diagram for the 1999 XP Limited

    Hello. Could someone please share, or point me in the right direction to find, the wiring diagram for the 1999 XP Ltd? Thank you in advance!
  3. C

    Intake Grate Ripped off. How to repair?

    Hello all, I got under my Ski this week and realized that the intake grate has gone missing. I’ve done some research and plan to replace it with an aftermarket one. I’d love to hear peoples opinions on which after market one they like/prefer. Additionally I have some questions about mounting...
  4. To2d

    99 speedster Sk seized engine help. FIX or Sell ???

    Hello Seadoo 2 stroke boaters. THIS IS A SAD ONE :cry: Over the summer I was out with the family having fun on the lake and an engine cutout. and would not even turn over to start back up. I took the boat to a well reviewed and reputable PWC and boat shop in the area. I had never dealt with...
  5. adambwhitten

    1999 Seadoo Challenger 1800

    Hey there! I recently purchased a 99 Seadoo Challenger 1800. I'm in total restore mode. Does anyone have recommendations for aftermarket gauges? The boat needs a lot of cosmetic repairs. So if you guys want to post links below, that would be great! Not only looking for gauges, but also...
  6. To2d

    Speedster SK “Not Right”

    Seadoo Pros and PWC detectives... I need your help!!! Back story: A few weeks ago we took our 99 speedster SK to the lake and it was running GREAT until it ran low on gas from taking the kids tubing all day. I took my buddy's gas cans to the local lakes gas station and filled them up. boat ran...
  7. R

    1999 Seadoo SPX jerking

    Hi guys, don't know if someone can help me but I hope so. I have a 1999 SPX that I got from someone where it had been standing for years. I have tried to get it going again but its giving me issues. I changed all the fuel lines from the grey lines, put a new battery in it and got the carbs and...
  8. D

    BRAND NEW 98-2001 Speedster SEATS!!

    I know everyone has been complaining, including myself about the seats on the 98-2001 speedsters with no real replacement.... until now! Check out the Brand New 1998-2001 Seadoo Speedster Seats for my 98 Speedster! No more cracked / faded / embarrassing seats! What do you guys think???? More...
  9. A

    Potential Owner Concerns! Please shed some light! Speedster 1999?

    Hi Everyone, I live in Colombia (South America) and was recently offered this Jet Boat. I am looking for a trailerable boat to be used in lakes and rivers at high altitude (2,600 meters or 8,500 feet above sea level) They are very hard to come by as they were not readily available so that is...
  10. N

    1999 Seadoo Speedster / First Boat?

    Hello all, I have been shopping around for a bit for a Seadoo jet boat. I have settled on the 99 speedster style for the better seat types and the dual engines. I went out to view one today and it was actually in pretty decent shape. He started it up for me and everything seemed great. At least...
  11. B

    Two easy questions. idle adjustment and oil tank leaks.

    so I looked at some old threads and saw that leaking two part oil tanks are super common on 97- 02 sea doo skis. I've got a pair of 99 gtx rfi's that both leak. I pulled the one out the other day and there are a few cracks on the seam. I'm sure the other is identical as they both leak...
  12. J

    carb part no. for 1999 GTI sea doo?

    Thinking about buying a new carburetor for my 99 GTI seadoo but the p/n's are confusing. P/n BN-40I-38 is specified for my ski but there are two more numbers on the end that I need to know in order to select the correct carb. I've looked at one store on line selling p/n BN-40I-38 24 and says it...
  13. S

    1999 XPL long beep?

    I've recently replaced my motor in my 1999 XPL. I put it in the water too begin break in and when I attach my lanyard I hear my two "ok" beeps then I start it. After running for a minute or so I hear a long beep, then about a minute pause then another long beep. It will continue giving me a long...
  14. JOnnyringo

    1999 gtx limited bogging issues

    A friend of mine has a 99 gtx limited. The ski is really clean but in the water it will not get up to speed. It will act like it wants to take off but won't go very fast. I removed the fuel rail and cleaned the injectors but that didn't help. Also changed the oil and plugs. Just wondering if...
  15. G

    1999 Seadoo GTX RFI

    Im currently wanting to purchase a jetski but i have never had one. I have a boat and know a lot about boats but i dont know a whole lot about jetski's. A guy has a 1999 gtx rfi and he has about 60 ski's total. He bought out a dealership and works on them regularly. He said with the gtx he is...
  16. N

    1999 xp limited...... need advice

    I recently purchased a 1999 xp limited with about 100 hours on it.... I test drove it twice and everything seemed fine until after I bought it and tried to take it out it wouldnt work so I have not used it more than 10 mins! I had it looked at by a reputiable seadoo repair shop and was told a...
  17. L

    1999 Seadoo SPX starter solenoid

    I've recently rebuilt my engine because it became hydrolocked. The starter worked fine before I rebuilt it and I actually replaced the starter solenoid. I've rebuilt the engine and when I press the start button now and all I get is a constant click from my starter solenoid. Does anybody know a...
  18. M

    New,, Looking for advice on purchase!

    Hey guys, im completely new to this site and entire jet-ski'ing as a whole. I don't know the "sea-doo-ways" or what is hated:banghead: on and what you all :thumbsup:...;your Lingo But i'm looking to learn and need some advice, thanks! Im 19, live in myrtle beach on a riverfront. I have a...
  19. J

    1999 SPX with frozen impeller and broken drive shaft

    This 99 SPX came with the lakehouse I recently bought, obviously the previous owner did not take care of it and it appeared it had been left in water for quite some time. I have cleaned and put new gaskets on carbs, drained the oil and gas tanks and put in fresh. Don't ask why guess cause I am...
  20. 7

    1999 gsx limited no power

    Hey guys I just bought this 1999 GSX Limited haven't had it in the water yet. I had it running earlier today, then I decided to do some cleaning in the engine bay. Anyways I saw that the VTS connector was disconnected so I connected it. Now when I plug in the lanyard it does nothing no beeps...