New pump, now a mystery leak in the hull. Also advise which way water in/out hoses go

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Hi all,

Over the winter I've been doing a few hours on my ski where I've had the time.

Swapped the plastic 140mm for a bronze version. New bearings, seals etc. Holds 10psi for 10mins :)

Installed it with all new drive line components, aligned the engine, and water tested it today and it's taking on water :(

Can't see the leak. Not from the welch plugs, not from the manifold outlet, not from the strainers. Doesn't look to be from the cable through hulls either. Quite stumped. Any advise?

I've tightened all hose clips, pulled the pump again, checked the rubber o-rings on strainers etc

Just going through the manual and sanity checking my connections of inlet/outlet. Can you guys look at the diagram and tell me this is correct? Blue arrow to the 5" flush hose connection on pump plate. Red arrow to the water pickup in the venturi.

I'm so tired (long week) I could really appreciate a second set of eyes :)

In my SP if the bilge hoses aren't ziptied to the top of the hull above the pump the bilges will backflow.

Thanks. I've checked that and they're still zip tied up towards the top of the ski.

One of the only things I can think of now, is that the pump plate is separating from hull. I'll try tightening it just in case it's loose, then as a test pop a bead of sealant round it till I can get it back home and into the garage.

Car park maintenance isn't as much fun as I remember it to be.
Red arrow is the flush and going to the correct connection on the head. Making the blue hose correct.
Red arrow is the flush and going to the correct connection on the head. Making the blue hose correct.
Thanks racer. It's been a hell of a week, I just needed a sanity check. Just had the big flotilla here in York with the boat, so car park maintenance time on the ski has been limited!
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