1. J

    1995 spx carb settings

    recently picked up a 95 spx locally that had sat for several years. Compression checked out, replaced battery, replaced gray fuel lines, and rebuilt the dual carb with genuine mikuni parts. ski starts pretty easily now and runs mostly well (besides a bad wear ring, waiting for new one to show...
  2. Rettoroth

    Leaking Carb Hose

    Does anyone know what size this hose is and is it possible to buy just the hose and not whole rebuid kit? Just had the carbs redone a year ago and now found bottom carb hose had a slit and is leaking fuel. Also would this be why my 98 Seadoo GS won't start now?
  3. Toojay7

    951 / 947 oil leak

    My 99 xp limited is leaking oil. It doesn’t look to be coming from the oil tank as I see no drip residue. Please see the attached photos. Any idea where it’s leaking from? Thank you in advance for the advice.
  4. Fire3456

    Leakage around on Spark Plug

    I have a single engine (951) 2001 Sportster LE. The engine seems to run fine. After 3 or 4 minutes, I get a leakage around one spark plug. While hooked to a water hose, and at idle, the leakage is gray (oil/water). While running at high speeds, on the river, the leakage is darker...
  5. M

    Oil pool in haul

    Hi guys, I’m new to PWC’s so pardon my inexperience. Im attempting to fix up some 95 SP’s. They haven’t been taken out in about 6 years and there is oiled pooled in the haul. The oil tank is almost empty as well. Based on what I’ve read it seams like the grommet is bad on the tank but where the...
  6. M

    98 XP Limited Bogging

    So I took the ski out the other day, everything was running fine for about 40 mins. on the lake. It then started bogging at half throttle and wouldn't go over 20mph. RPMs also skyrocket to 6-7k. It was pretty choppy out there and took a beating. Initially, I thought it was something with my fuel...
  7. docbda

    97 GTX with injector oil leak (not reservoir or grommet)

    All my injector oil leaked out over the winter. After removing the oil from the bilge and refilling the reservoir with oil, I I pulled the reservoir tank and it was fine (seam that has the reputation for failing was in tact, and oil continuing to leak with oil level below the seam). Reservoir...
  8. Buresh88

    Oil running out

    I have a 2004 sea doo 4tec supercharged 215hp. Just bought it to have two and we noticed the oil was low when we go to dump oil down the oil tube it fills up the bottom of the hull. We can fill all the plugs on the bottom of the ski, we also hooked up a pressure regulator to the dipstick tube...
  9. D

    2003 gtx sc OPAS leak

    I recently figured out that my 2003 gtx sc has a major leak. I spotted the leak from the left OPAS system, from the area where the linkage enters the hull. I'm assuming it must be the rubber tube seal ( or boot) that the link sits in? Is there an easy way to fix this? How hard is it to get to...
  10. M

    2002 RX leak

    Sat in water 4 days, took on 5+ inches of water at deepest point. Removed water, let it sit in water 12 hours or so. Took on maybe 2". Operated about 15 minutes (moving), rechecked and was almost dry. I'm assuming it self bails when operated ? O rings were bad but could not find correct size and...
  11. K

    Water in the hull!!PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hi all, I'm a complete novice so please forgive me extensive ignorance...I'm learning fast. Recently bought a Seadoo GTX 1996. All in good condition as far as I can see and starts every time. Only problem is when I take it out it takes on about a litre and a half - 2 litres of water into...
  12. M

    GTX 255 is 2009 oil leak from crank position sensor.

    Hi! I have a oil leaking which gives me oil in the hull. Yesterday I dismounted the top deck (is-model) and started to search for the leak. Started by pressurize the oil system through the breathing hose. Even by just blowing with my mouth i found that some where air was slipping out. I found...
  13. O

    Water in block and drain leak

    So i bought a 1997 Seadoo challenger on Sunday and it is my first boat ever... Hurrayy!!!!! When i got there the guy connected the hose and started it up and it ran just fine. I took it out yesterday and the boat was very boggy and within a minute of putting it in the water, water was leaking...
  14. dbechth

    2003 GTX 4-Tec 185 Leaking Oil - PTO Shaft seal

    Has anyone ever had their PTO driveshaft seal fail or seen leakage due to improper installation? To be sure that this is mostly a leak and not just oil consumption I temporarily disconnected the siphon tubes so nothing would be sucked out of the bilge and found that the oil is definitely leaking...
  15. S

    Help Almost Sunk my Ski

    I have an 05 Seadoo GTI 720. broke a few motor mounts engine slid forward, submerged my ski entire engine under water. I was able to flush the water out of the cylinders and get it started to flush the engine. I know I need to replace all four motor mounts. I assume the carbon ring is shot...
  16. G

    2009 RXT IS - supercharger and taking on water

    Hi; Am looking for some advice on a couple issues. Bought an 09 rxt is about 5 weeks ago with 49 hours. Now has 57 hours. I wish I had read this forum before buying the machine but it was the best deal around. It ran fine until last weekend. Top speed is about 35 and you can feel the...
  17. Kwik_uk

    New pump, now a mystery leak in the hull. Also advise which way water in/out hoses go

    Hi all, Over the winter I've been doing a few hours on my ski where I've had the time. Swapped the plastic 140mm for a bronze version. New bearings, seals etc. Holds 10psi for 10mins :) Installed it with all new drive line components, aligned the engine, and water tested it today and...
  18. M

    95 Seadoo SP Oil Pump leak/rebuild

    I removed the motor on my 95 Sp (587) to find an oil leak in the hull. After cleaning the motor, it looks like the leak is coming from the oil injection pump. Looking to get a rebuild kit and o rings (parts 1,6, and 41 in pic) and was wondering if anyone has any experience rebuilding them. I...
  19. D

    Fuel leaking and spraying from the top of gas tank.

    Hi, when I snap on the lanyard, the Seadoo starts spraying gas out the top of the tank. I am assuming this is normally to start getting fuel pressure to the engine. Anyone ever had this happen to them? Is this an easy fix like just tightening something or do I need to replace the pump...
  20. Shane0524

    Yet another CARB pressure question?

    I just rebuilt my carbs and put them on the boat,,, it didn't run right and was flooding when stopped. So i pulled the carbs and found one of the hinge rods from the needle arm was not in its slot correctly and was causing a low pop-off and some leakage. I also decided to do a pressure test with...