Help Almost Sunk my Ski

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I have an 05 Seadoo GTI 720. broke a few motor mounts engine slid forward, submerged my ski entire engine under water. I was able to flush the water out of the cylinders and get it started to flush the engine. I know I need to replace all four motor mounts. I assume the carbon ring is shot and that is where the water got in when the engine slid forward. I was going to buy a carbon ring repair kit on ebay (carbon ring, O-rings, support rings, & c-clip). Anything else needed to be replaced? Any write-ups on the repair?
If it tore out the drive snout you will need a thru-hull repair kit. How about a picture of the compartment rear?
Also need to fog the engine since you can't ride it immediately to burn the water out.
I've got good used mounts over in Niceville for $10 each. Your carbon ring is probably OK, the water came in from the torn mounts allowing the engine to move forward, right?
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