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  • dude i have been looking all over on this site for an answer and came across one of your posts.. that being said can i ask you a stupid question? im trying to change the oil in an 04 sc gtx and need to know how to figure out if the clutch washers are ceramic or not and quite frankly, where the hell are they? do i need to remove the sc or are they on top? sorry just tryin to make a few bucks on a buddys ski
    Hey you had a post on vts units. How can I disable it to just set the nozzle at straight?
    Hi ski-d00 i checked comp 145 in both cylinders checked reeds all good.checked exhaust all good.I failed to mention that it has back fired and blew the water box off.Im still leaning towards MPEM.thanks for your help but dont know what to do next.Tring to find someone in cincy to rent there MPEM just to see if that does it Thanks again Dave.
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