1. Collinfox01

    Running on hose

    So I am new to jet skis. I just bought an 01 Sea-doo GTX from my uncle. It’s a 2 Stroke and it has 180 hours on it. I never plan to run it in salt water but if I were to run it in brackish water and wanted to flush it out with the hose, how long could I let it run? I have started it one time on...
  2. M

    Need To Know About Garden Hose

    Hi, I am Manuel Ward. I am an enthusiast of garden hose. Recently I am looking for gardening. Did I want to know about a garden hose?
  3. ww111

    2009 Sea-Doo Islandia coolant flow

    Hi guys, Port engine is fine, hook hose up to external inlet and water flows like it should from Exhaust. Starboard engine not so much. Tried to back flow and again, nothing. Put 100 PSI of air in and again nothing. Didn't run it long enough for the light, but is there a common blockage...
  4. G

    Just starting to figure this thing out

    I started poking around this 1997 GTI and found a couple of things right off the bat. The electrical box cover is broken AND obsolete. Does that make it irreplaceable? The oil in the reservoir has a slight blue cast to it... is that the synthetic? It looks like the previous owner was looking at...
  5. B

    2004 Sportster 4-tec 155hp lookin for rear exhaust hose

    Hi all, I ran into some weeds and had an overheating incident last fall with my boat. This caused some damage to some of the exhaust hoses. Sea-doo does not make the rear exhaust hose anymore so the place I take my boat for service is having problems finding one. I've tried some searches on...
  6. Kwik_uk

    New pump, now a mystery leak in the hull. Also advise which way water in/out hoses go

    Hi all, Over the winter I've been doing a few hours on my ski where I've had the time. Swapped the plastic 140mm for a bronze version. New bearings, seals etc. Holds 10psi for 10mins :) Installed it with all new drive line components, aligned the engine, and water tested it today and...
  7. P

    Now to replace all oil and water lines...

    Anyone have a list of the oil and water line sizes and quanty , and which type of tubing to get to replace them 94 GTS and 96 GTI...Thanks again guys
  8. DSchmidt54

    96 GTX Runs on Trailer , not in water problem. HELP!

    Hey guys , im new to the forum , i just recently picked up a 96 gtx from a friend for a steal and rebuilt the top end. The cylinders had some scoring , nothing that a little honing wouldnt fix. after the hone , the cylinders looked alot better, still a little scored, but ok. so i got everything...
  9. C

    99 gsx limited WONT piss water/intake water when IN water but will do it on hose(rev)

    just recently purchased a 99 gsx limited only 61 original hours orignal owner had carb done in 04 and 09 by a profeesional local shop in 09 the whole ski was went over and new impeller and wear ring and intake grate was put on. (have reciepts) owner supposively winterized it and rode...
  10. B

    Towing my two 2009 RXT-X 255 HP Turbos behind a sailboat

    We are going to Catalina for the weekend this next week, and taking the sail boat across. Its about a 5 hour sail, and we plan to tow my two beautiful Sea Doos across. I have never towed them before, and have heard that it is not recommended above certain speeds, or if you do tow them, then a...
  11. R

    2011 GTX is260 Limited acceleration problem

    Hello all, I've got a new GTX Limited and I began having acceleration problems. I can open the throttle all the way and it barely accelerates to 30+ mph. Once it gets up to 40 mph then it appears to accelerate ok. The first time this happened, the super charger hose blew off. We thought...
  12. L

    Fuel sender connections / full throttle problems

    Hi, I'm having some problems with my '97 Speedster, low and mid throttle the boat runs fine but at full throttle it hesitates, seems to find power and then hesitates again. I've read through the stickies and it looks as though a carb rebuild and fuel lime check is in order. But I did have...
  13. P

    96 Challenger 787 Exhaust hose burning up

    Guys, I baught this 96 Challenger and it had no power at all, I looked at all kind of stuff(I checked the RAVEs, I had to fixe one and adjusted them both as per the book, flush to the top, replaced plugs for iridiums, compression is ~150, cleaned spark arrester) and realised it had to do with...
  14. rksnow1

    98 GTS Vaccuum or oil line?

    Hi, I have a 98 GTS. Im new to these PWC so forgive me in advance if I dont know the part names.. Ill try and describe. PWC Running great and no problems that I know of except gas guage doesnt work. I was out the other day and noticed im not getting the normal little water stream out of...
  15. B

    93 GTX - Quick Question

    Just a real quick question here... I'm doing some work on a friend's 93 GTX 3-seater and I'm unfamiliar with the craft in question. Is there a water hose hookup on this model? If so, where is it at? I want to try firing it up but I don't like running them dry. Thanks for your help!