2011 GTX is260 Limited acceleration problem

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Hello all, I've got a new GTX Limited and I began having acceleration problems. I can open the throttle all the way and it barely accelerates to 30+ mph. Once it gets up to 40 mph then it appears to accelerate ok.

The first time this happened, the super charger hose blew off. We thought that was the problem, but the next time the problem occurred the hose didn't come off. The shop said the hose looks fine.

Any ideas or thoughts appreciated, as the shop is dumbfounded.

Additional information:

I had the wear ring replaced after a rock damaged it. The shop claims that repairing the wear ring/impeller would not cause the problem. I'm very suspicious of that because the problem started after the wear ring was replaced.
This is a brand new ski, and shouldn't be your problem. Take it back to the dealer, if that doesn't work call BRP.

If the shop can't fix it demand a replacement ski, if that doesn't work its time to call your Attourney.

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It's at the dealer now. He has called BRP. I'm just trying to find any help because it's docked until fixed. I'm in a wait and see mode which isn't a good feeling after paying for it. The dealer is dumbfounded. He wants a code to read, but there isn't one. He did say the clearance on the impellar and ring is fine.

I deal w problems everyday in my job. It's not that big of deal if you know your stuff. You just find out what's going on and fix it.
I believe a key indicator is that something caused the supercharge hose to blow off. What could cause that?
Whatever caused that hose to blow off can't be good. I would suspect either a supercharger malfunction or a backfire through the engine. Whatever caused it probably has done other damage inside the engine, bent valve(s), camshaft damage, no telling unless the engine is torn down. I guess you could start by checking compression, ignition timing????

The supercharger hose blowing off on new machines has been a problem I have heard many times over. Not sure if the factory torque specs are just not tight enough.
Next step I would take is to change the spark plugs. Fouled plugs can cause problems like this. Very easy to change and eliminate this as a possiblilty.

Also, how does it run on the trailer as compared to in the water. Is there any hesitation reving it up on the trailer?
Can be also" the throttle level is not open up, and the air from supercharger don't have where to go . That why hose is blow up." maybe is open just 1/3 .Told him to check if is working good all the way in any positions.
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So u was use a learning key, how on normal key u can drive on touring mode. U can change mode only on lern key. Where u change the setting , how? I have the same problem my ski is running only 60mi/hr and go max 7000 RPM . But I can't find where to change key mode on regular key. Can u told me how.
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No, I wasn't using a learning key. The GTX Limited has two driving modes - Cruising and Sport. It always starts in Cruising mode. You can switch to Sport mode in a couple of ways, which are both explained in the instruction manual. Cruising mode doesn't accelerate nearly as fast as Sport mode.
Also, be aware that a brand new GTX Limited has a break-in period of about 5 hours. During the break-in period, it won't reach the normal maximum speed.
what about 2009 GTX LTD IS. also have 2 drive mode on regular key.,can u send me some instruction by email. few pages.please in my manuals i cant find can u text to me on my cell i will send u my email. 917-379-914six. thanks. dealer just did up data on my software and right now my manuals don't cover some staff , kieliszekartur at yahoo.com. thanks
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The problem was I was riding in touring mode, not sport mode.

That is so funny, I was at the lake yesterday trying out BRP's 2011 on their dime and I spent about 10 min trying to get the darn thing out of "touring mode".. I remember thinking to myself, why on earth did they try to turn this into rocket science... I feel for ya, but I also was thiking that take off in touring mode wasnt all that bad... I would love to have one, but the price seems very high... I'm going to stay with my 2008 GTX's for maybe two more years and see what changes.. I like what they have going on and think it could only get better, if they would just do something about the darn price.. It's nice to be back out on the lake again :)
Glad you got it figured out. I guess when you said "new" we should have asked "how new". On the newer models, the computer will limit the RPMs until around 5-6 hours or so to make it harder for the rider to screw up their engine during the break-in period.
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