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    FOR SALE RIVA SEA-DOO 255/215 POWER FILTER KIT & 215 Supercharger

    I will only use Paypal for the protection on both parties. No Venmo/CashCapp sorry. For Sale: RIVA SEA-DOO 255/215 POWER FILTER KIT - $175 + Shipping 2004 RXP 215 Supercharger - $200 + Shipping 107 hours no issues. Originally was going to send off for ETS 127 / Rebuild but ended up going...
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    2003 GTX Limited Supercharged 1503 Engine replacement

    I have a 2003 GTX Limited Supercharged that has a blown engine. After pulling the engine, I have come to the conclusion that it cannot be rebuilt, but needs to be replaced. The question I have is the difference between the Rotax 1503 155hp engine for the supercharged, and non-supercharged...
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    2011 GTX is260 Limited acceleration problem

    Hello all, I've got a new GTX Limited and I began having acceleration problems. I can open the throttle all the way and it barely accelerates to 30+ mph. Once it gets up to 40 mph then it appears to accelerate ok. The first time this happened, the super charger hose blew off. We thought...