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  • Hey Lou, when did you become a mod? And what is your favorite girls full name, on that video with her in it, it never gives her full name, i even googled sheridan, rip n ride and got nuthin
    my cousin just let me know he has a single guage hood for a 94 sp. it does need to be painted but other than that it is in good shape. he said he will let it go for $100 plus shipping. please let me know

    thanks ,
    Hey Mate.Just finished work for a few days.Look forward to seeing you on here
    sorry its been so long. i rely on getting emails when i get a message for me to log on and for some reason i never got one. for that i apologize. the hood i have is a three gauge hood. let me know if you are interested. ill be sure to log in more often.

    i think it was you that sent me a message looking for a hood for a 96 xp. i wasnt sure if i was going to fix that ski at the time. i have decided to part it out. since you asked first ill offer it to you first. just let me know.

    It's very quiet on here.I sent Sink a few lines on the thread.Toned it down and sort of changed the subject.
    Am I doing what you want?This is funny.Tell me what you want me to do.It's gone apeshit!!!
    Hi thanks so much for your help. Lou, do I have to put in new Carp. filters to change the filter in the carb? I have alredy spent over $300 to have the filters cleaned and they never charged me for a kit. But build me to clean the filter inside of it.
    I'm so new to this. Ever time I take these machines in I get the real hose job.

    Thanks John Lombino, Ontario NY.
    thanks for info i will try a new battery today but i dont think this is the problem,i still think it is a fuel problem (to much)
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