1. juanhiggs11

    2011 Seadoo GTX 155 electrical issue, STOP/START, DESS

    Hi everyone, First of all I want to say that I am happy to have joined and be part of the community. I have a bit of a tricky issue. I have an intermittent electrical issue. My GTX 155 has 43 hours on it so it hasnt been used much. I recently started having issues with what seems like the DESS...
  2. Craziak

    Wassup all 210SP Owners

    I own a: 2011 210 SP, with NA 310 hp, & love it. Currently setting it up to surf. Going pretty well so far. Just going to add delta mission wedge to see what happens. Upcoming upgrades: Speakers/Stereo, The Jensen head unit works good, speakers are horrible, add more locks to...
  3. Z

    2011 Wake 215 Pro Part Needed

    Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum here... I recently took my 215 wake pro out on buena vista lake by Bakersfield CA. Turns out I had been running it without my drainplugs in the back... After I pulled it out of the water... I realized that one that had been ripped off... Where can I purchase...
  4. M

    Water coming in from somewhere, Not certain where just yet.

    Good afternoon everyone. So I took my boat to the lake the other day, after some overheating (mild overheating) issues to see how it's running. Was pleased to see that the boat is running at at civilized 73-76 degrees. So we kept it in the water most of the day using it periodically to...
  5. X

    Removing pump/ibr

    Removing the pump seems easy enough. I haver the ibr, is there anything worth knowing with respect to the ibr, before i change the wear disc and impeller? Thanks...i sucked some sand today... :( gotta learn this the hard way! Its a 2011 gtx 155....
  6. T-Hooks180

    2011 sea doo challenger 180, same motor as the ski? PERFORMANCE HELP!!!!

    I have a 2011 sea doo challenger 180 with the 215hp motor in it. I am looking to do some performance mods to give it a little more power throughout. I was wondering if all the mods that work on the 215hp skis would work in my boat and what would be the best thing to get to get more power...
  7. T

    2011 GTS Unknown code P16C7

    I have a 2011 GTS that got a bunch of warranty work done and is now acting weird. It will randomly throw a P16C7. I'm certain that is the code. I have never seen a trouble code before with letters in it but I'm certain that is it. It will go into limp mode but with a restart it acts fine. It...
  8. T-Hooks180

    Wakeboard tower for 2011 challenger 180

    I am looking for a cool looking wakeboard tower for my 2011 challenger 180. i like the looks of the reverse archs like on the boats that come stock, and is it possible to get the stock wakeboard tower and put it on my boat? Does anyone know of any cool looking towers or have any suggestions on...
  9. T-Hooks180

    2011 sea doo challenger. Two 12inch subs under back seat. How do they look??

    Just had two 12 inch Boston subs custom made underneath back seats. They did an awesome job custom making a box out of fiberglass so 12s would fit in there.. and it sounds AMAZING! also just put window tint on the windows. 5%
  10. T-Hooks180

    2011 sea doo challenger 180performance/ mod HELP!

    i just bought a new sea doo challenger 180. i currently have 4 hours on the boat. its been seeming really doggy the whole time i have had it and i was wondering if it had anything holding it back for the first 10 hours of break in. I was also wondering if there was any performance mods for...
  11. J

    2011 gti

    The towing eye on my GTI 130 is low so the rope drags in the water, and splashes if I am pulling a tube. I was wondering if there is any way I can mount somewhere else on the jet ski or get something that can raise the mounting point. I was looking at the ski pylons but they are very expensive...
  12. R

    2011 GTX is260 Limited acceleration problem

    Hello all, I've got a new GTX Limited and I began having acceleration problems. I can open the throttle all the way and it barely accelerates to 30+ mph. Once it gets up to 40 mph then it appears to accelerate ok. The first time this happened, the super charger hose blew off. We thought...