1. B

    787 Rotax Starboard Port on Block

    Got my 787 rotax installed back into the craft and have begun the reassembly process. I noticed this port diagonal from the center of the rotary valve, does anybody know what it is for? I have searched the owners manual over throughly and can’t find any mention of it, however I doubt any OEM...
  2. B

    Water entry only at high speed in GTX Limited 260 IS

    Dear forum, first of all sorry for my bad english. I am from germany and living since 6 years at Mallorca on the Illes Baleares (Salt water). My Seadoo GTX Limited 260 IS (with suspension) is now the third time running full with water and was already 2 times for 8 hours in two workshops...
  3. M

    2002 RXDI sitting after water inhale

    Love the forum, and my first post. I recently picked up a 2002 RXDI with only 88.3 hours on it, but not running. Looks to be in fair shape for sitting in front of the guy's house for the last 10 years, after he let some friends use it and they got a rope sucked up in the impeller pulling a...
  4. K

    Water in the hull!!PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hi all, I'm a complete novice so please forgive me extensive ignorance...I'm learning fast. Recently bought a Seadoo GTX 1996. All in good condition as far as I can see and starts every time. Only problem is when I take it out it takes on about a litre and a half - 2 litres of water into...
  5. k_24

    97 xp half throttle for 24-48 hours after flip in the water please help

    I have a 1997 seadoo xp 787 Everytime it turns upside down in the water it runs at half throttle for the day after a day or two everything is normal I opened the spark plugs ,let the water spit out run it again and still half throttle I checked the fuel tank has no water in...
  6. E

    Water between hull and liner

    I am rebuilding an engine on my GSX Seadoo 1996 and noticed a small amount of water seeps through the fiberglass at the bottom of the craft under the gas tank area. The moisture is obviously coming from the area between the fiberglass hull and the outer liner. Is this a problem of concern, and...
  7. Kwik_uk

    New pump, now a mystery leak in the hull. Also advise which way water in/out hoses go

    Hi all, Over the winter I've been doing a few hours on my ski where I've had the time. Swapped the plastic 140mm for a bronze version. New bearings, seals etc. Holds 10psi for 10mins :) Installed it with all new drive line components, aligned the engine, and water tested it today and...
  8. M

    1996 xp, pos water in crank case

    Does anyone know of a way, short of removing the engine, to eliminate any water that may be at the bottom of the crank case? I don't want to blow the balance shaft if some water is sitting down there and there is no balance shaft drain plug on the 1996. Any chemical I can get into the...
  9. M

    Water coming in from somewhere, Not certain where just yet.

    Good afternoon everyone. So I took my boat to the lake the other day, after some overheating (mild overheating) issues to see how it's running. Was pleased to see that the boat is running at at civilized 73-76 degrees. So we kept it in the water most of the day using it periodically to...
  10. gerallison

    Water inside pipe, is it a problem?

    Hi, I have a 2002 XP which I recently had the engine rebuilt, installing the pipe I had a problem with the clamp which I could not tight correctly and I had a exhaust leak, also I notice a little water is coming out of inside the pipe, I had all new gaskets, I wounder if this is an important...
  11. G

    How to clean your water stained hull

    Here is a great trick to clean your fiberglass hulls with those nasty water stains
  12. C

    idle knock, water leak, HELP

    ok after doing all kinds of repairs on the ski i took it out and preformed great ran real strong. BUT! i did notice a bit of water in the bottom of it by end and i saw the in between the two water inputs on the exhaust. right blow the main that comes off the top of the engine and connects too...
  13. gioakjoe

    Front seat as a ice chest

    So awhile back I decided to use my front starboard side storage bin as a ice chest, instead of bringing on a separate ice chest to get in the way. Well this worked for a while but I hit a bad wave this weekend and it tore completely off i guess from the weight of the drinks and ice... so as a...
  14. P

    Now to replace all oil and water lines...

    Anyone have a list of the oil and water line sizes and quanty , and which type of tubing to get to replace them 94 GTS and 96 GTI...Thanks again guys
  15. Dave Sportster LE Boat

    Why is so much water in my boat?

    Hi Guys and Girls, I am new to boating and used my Sportster LE Boat for the 1st time today in the River Thames (UK). We had the bilge pump switched on nearly all the time! When we removed the boat from the river the water kept pouring out of the boat for ages!!!!! Is this normal...
  16. kilgorekb

    Water in impeller oil reservoir

    When popping off the cover of the reservoir, about an ounce of water came out before the oil. Does this indicate a problem? The oil was not whitish at all.
  17. P

    water coming from head bolt - why

    There is water coming out of one of the head bolts on my 96 speedster (twin 85hp). What does this mean? Crack in head?
  18. O

    need help asap! please...

    I'm new to ski's and was about to take mine out for the first time this week to the colorado river for spring break. I went to start my 2001 gs since i replaced my mpem and cleaned out my fuel lines since bad gas was left in there. It started just fine as long as i poured fuel into carb. I...
  19. J

    Seadoo 580 single carb white smoke

    I bought my 89 seadoo after sitting for 12 years. I removed both gas and oil tank and rebuilt the carb. I replaced spark plugs, and primed oil and gas. It fired right up and is very strong in water. I know that this topic has already been posted but I can't seem to relate to my classic ski...
  20. M

    Utopia Table Waterlogged

    I'm looking at buying a 2007 Utopia 205. The owner, who bought it new in 2009, says that the cockpit tabletop was damaged and discarded. He said that since it's stowed under the sundeck pad but on top of the motor cover in the recess, and that's where you typically store your life vests...