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  • You responded to my post involving my 2000 GTX 951 DI. I have a question for you. The crank is shot so I am thinking about do a full engine rebuild. I read somewhere that you have SES do your work. I was thinking about having them do the same to mine. Are you happy with their work?
    Hi I was wondering if you still had your 99 GTX LTD MPEM and lanyard for sale? If so, how much? Thanks a lot, Landon
    That's been sold, sorry.
    Next rainy day I plan to do inventory of all my parts and get them listed here for people to browse.
    Fuel regulator? Is this a 951? you should post on the forum, then you can get feedback from multiple people.
    Hi, i was hoping you could help me since you had the same problem a couple years ago as i was searching for some answers, i found your post about ur seadoo not reaching max rpm. the more i was reading the more your problem was familiar to mine. but there is no ending :( hehe
    heres my problem, i cant reach over 5700 and if im lucky when i hold it ill hit 6000 for 2 seconds.
    i did clean the rave, the carbs but i didnt do anything to the fuel regulator yet, should i?
    and how do you do it?
    im kinda out of idea right now please let me now
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