1. S

    2011 gti se C0073

    Hi All, new member here but I've been relying on all the good advise on here for a while. Unfortunately I have a problem that I can't find an answer for. Long story short(ish), my kid capsized our 11 gti se which got the screen wet. A new screen worked but the key wouldn't turn off. A new key...
  2. ddarui

    Falha ibr solucionado!

    Seadoo GTX215 2012 Depois de muitas idas ao mecânico, de trocar inúmeras peças e componentes e gastar muito dinheiro para conseguir resolver o problema de falha do IBR sem sucesso, resolvi abrir o motor atuador do sistema e SUCESSO! O motivo: muita sujeira nos eletrodos do motor, fiz apenas...
  3. 4

    GTX 260 2012: exhaust temperature sensor and ibr problems

    Hello We have a very cold summer and a week ago I launched a jet ski for the first time) But I didn’t manage to ride for a long time, because an error p2080 appeared and the ibr symbol lit up. Unfortunately, at that moment another person was driving and I cannot say whether they appeared at the...
  4. L

    Used Seadoo Spark Is This A Good Deal?

    I am going to look at these SeaDoos later today and was wondering if anyone could tell me more about them and whether or not they are a good deal. The guy wants $14,500 for both and the trailer. He said they are 2021 models and both have IBR and 45 hours runtime on each. Can you tell what model...
  5. B

    2011 RXT 260 IBR Light on and going into limp mode

    Good Evening, I recently purchase a 2011 RXT 260 and am having some issues with it. Not exactly sure what parts are on it but it has been modified. Once it is started it runs perfect, once it hits around 7,500 rpms the IBR light comes on in the dash/cluster and goes into limp mode. Then...
  6. W

    1st gen Ibr module board repair

    My friend I have like 10 skis combined. We now have 4 bad ibr control modules. Is there a service to repair the boards? Is there a specific part that is going bad on the boards? Looking at spending $4500 for 4 new ibr assemblies isn't ideal. Of the 3 boards that I've opened and removed...
  7. ddarui

    IBR module Problem

    Hello! my seadoo GTX 215 Limited 2012 is showing communication failure with the IBR. I already changed the fuses and cleaned the electrical connectors but the problem persists. The fault occurs when starting the system, displaying an indication on the panel. Has anyone had this problem and...
  8. B

    Fault Codes p1661 and c2102 IBR

    2013 GTI SE... Just got a brand new EZ port 2i jet ski port. Drove the ski up on the port for the first time today and when I backed off and started engine I got an IBR error message. When I checked the fault codes I found p1661 and c2102. Would turn the ski on and off a couple of times and...
  9. P

    2012 Sea Doo GTX 260 Limited IBR light with codes

    Please help. While riding the jet ski IBR light and check engine light came on. Found exhaust temperature sensor melted, melted water tubes. Replaced exhaust temperature sensor, replaced tubes on port rear side of ski that melted to exhaust. Drove jet ski everything worked, all lights off, no...
  10. M

    IBR gate is stuck slightly down giving me drag in water

    The IBR gate is slightly stuck down in the water giving me drag. I was inspecting the steering cable last night and don’t know what I have done to cause it to stay down a little in normal operation. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  11. onez

    Problems with IBR (RXT-X 2010)

    This is what has happened to me: Now that we have free time I decided to clear the rust from some parts of my RXT-X 260 RS (S3 hull) In particular the cover for the IBR motor, I only took it apart to paint it, as you can see in the picture. The problem is that when putting it back I get an...
  12. R

    2015 RXT 260 IBR Failure, Low Battery Voltage?

    Hello all- seeking some advice on an issue I'm having with my 2015 Seadoo RXT 260. Today I was cruising around the lake and after about an hour, maybe 2 hours of riding, I came to a stop and noticed the ski would not go into neutral or reverse and the IBR light was solid red, not flashing. I...
  13. P

    Forgot to plug drain plug....

    So I just bought a 2017 Seadoo Spark 3up, Pulled up to the lake and during the inspection the guy told me I need to have my drain plug unplugged up until right before I dropped the Spark in the water. I unplugged it and of course forgot to plug it back in before running it in the water. I ran...
  14. ford2581

    IBR issue, Actuator Compatibility

    I have a 2013 GTR215 that keeps going into limp mode and stating IBR fault. I have had this problem when it was near new with less then 10 hours. Brought it into the dealer 3 times and they could not figure it out. The last time they said they disconnected everything and reconnected it and it...
  15. H

    Ibr problem

    I have a 2011 Wake Pro 215. One of the plastic arms in the reverse gate broke. I replaced the part, changed bushings, and reassembled. I started motor, gate went to neutral and all worked fine. I wanted to double check torques on bolts so I did manual override of IBR checked all bolts and...
  16. C

    How do you Replace impeller with iBR???

    Ok so I'm no idiot but how you you replace the impeller on a new 2016 Gti 130 with iBR? I've done impeller replacements tons of times but never with the iBR system. The kids sucked up a rock luckily I have a new impeller to replace it with but I don't know where to start with this iBR in the way
  17. S

    Need help with my 2009 seadoo rxt is 255 ibr light wont start

    I need help I just got my seadoo rxt is 255 2009 33 hrs on it. I replaced the battery worked great for 5 minutes and boom stops and limp mode comes on then turns off and ibr light comes and doesn't even start had to get toed home. Here's a video of it https://youtu.be/dMIXgoxHjt4
  18. Z

    B.U.D.S Fault Code.

    Hey People, Just taken my ski in for it's 50hr/1yr service at the Sea Doo Dealer. I have a 2015 Sea Doo GTI-130 with iBR. They have given me a copy of the service report which contains a mammoth amount of numbers and digits! I see there is one fault code listed which I'm wondering if...
  19. S

    Used IBR actuator information. Will it work?? Help!

    My question is, Can I put any ibr actuator in my ski from any ski with IBR and the cooling bolt on piece? I know that there is a kit and the bucket that bolts to it has been updated, if I have all these parts will a used IBR that is functioning work in my ski? There are so many part numbers...
  20. 3ftDeep

    Sea-Doo iBR Removal and Installation (on a GTR 215)

    This complete instructional video shows how to remove and replace the iBR gate assembly on a Sea-Doo. Performed on a 2012 Sea-Doo GTR 215, it also includes replacement of the 4 friction sleeves (required at 100 hr interval). http://youtu.be/z9DEe9jI4Vg