Fault Codes p1661 and c2102 IBR

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2013 GTI SE... Just got a brand new EZ port 2i jet ski port. Drove the ski up on the port for the first time today and when I backed off and started engine I got an IBR error message. When I checked the fault codes I found p1661 and c2102. Would turn the ski on and off a couple of times and eventually the fault would clear and the ski would operate as normal. Just a coincidence that I had this problem the on the first launch off the port? What are the possible causes of this problem and should it be an easy fix?
When you wake up the ski with the start button, the IBR bucket moves from a closed to open position for starting. C2102 (the reverse gate cannot move) so I would guess your EZ port is somehow blocking gate movement. Not familiar with the port but maybe don’t wake up the ski until it’s in the water off the port.
Pretty sure I had woken it up on the port prior to launch and started it as it entered the water moving backwards. Our ports are kind of close to rocky shoreline so my idea was to have them running as quickly as possible as to avoid drifting back into the rocks. I took the ski up and down several more times during the day and the same pattern continued....would throw the fault code a few times but eventually would start up and run fine. Is there something I need to check on the ski? Is there someway to reset the fault codes or clear the computer and start over?
I have 3 ez ports in FL and never had any issues with ibr. As long as you don't hit reverse on the port you shouldn't have any interference issues. Have been replacing more and more 11-14 ibr systems for non function issues. You should check your bucket linkage and make sure everything operates smoothly and replace bushings if necessary.
Thanks to both of you for the feedback. When you say "replacing" do you mean the parts and labor job that costs in excess of $1000? I'll get someone to wake it up a few times when I'm in the water behind it to see if it moves freely to the up position. Hopefully it's just a bushing and/or friction sleeve issue. The skis have about 180 hours on them and I'm the third owner. I have service records for oil changes but no record of any service being performed on the IBR.
Yes, the retail price of the ibr actuator itself is around $1300 so plan on at least $1500. I replaced a 2012 last week that had 65 hours on it.
What should it cost for inspection and bushing / friction sleeve replacement if I paid someone who knows what they are doing to do the work? Summer is almost over (my kids are back in school tomorrow)... if it starts w/o error is it safe to ride? We'll never be more than a couple miles from a dock or ramp. Hoping I can get the rest of the season out of it and have someone take a look when I pull them out of the water for the winter. Sorry for the newb questions, first season owning these things.
The typical failure mode is that it will start throwing codes and not go into neutral or reverse. Remove key and it will work again but will happen more frequently. Usually it will not get stuck in neutral, stuck in forward which is better. Eventually it won't move at all and can get stuck in neutral. Bad connections at the connectors can also cause the same problems but the majority of connections I see in only fresh water are typically perfect.

If you remove the 2 bolts that bolt to the actuator(hard to get to for sure), you can check the smoothness of the gate travel. You can also run the system with no load and see if it still throws codes. My opinion of many dealers is that most techs are young kids and really don't understand the system very well or have the experience needed to diagnose and solve issues and just are parts changers.
When mine was acting up yesterday it felt stuck in reverse as I ended up on the rocks behind my ports several times. That also could have just been momentum from the launch and current but either way it sucked to be there!

Is waking the machine up while it is in the water considered "no load"? Or do I need to pull it out of the water up and on the trailer?

If I were to remove the two actuator bolts and found that it wasn't opening smoothly is that when you'd advise me to change the bushings? I'll try to find a diagram or video that explains tools required and where the bolts are.

Either way looks like I've got my work cut out for me. If I can't figure this out I hope to find a shop or repair person that will take the time to do it the most cost effective way, not just swap out the entire IBR for a new one.

Thanks again for all your help; wish you were in N. Georgia. I'd be happy to have you work on this ski!
No load is with the gate assembly 2 bolts removed at actuator. Will need it on the trailer to diagnose properly. If it has binding, it is usually pretty obvious and you will see wear on the bushings.
Final questions, any way to test on the trailer without removing the actuator bots? Will bushing wear be visible?

There appears to be two actuator bots port side is that right?
Yes, you can check on the trailer and see how smoothly it moves from F to R and look for wear but not always obvious until you actually feel the travel in your own hands.

Yes, 2 bolts on left. It's only like 5 bolts to take the gate assembly off for thorough inspection but most complain about how difficult the bolts are to reach.
Thanks again, this will take me a bit of time to resolve as the ski is a couple of hours away but when I get to the bottom of it I'll post an update here. Appreciate the back and forth, hopefully this thread will help someone else. Have a great rest of your Sunday.
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