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  1. A

    2003 GTX 4-TEC SC Wrong Pump? Wear ring too long

    Hi, I recently purchased a 2003 GTX 4-tec supercharged. It cavitates pretty bad, and I found damaged wear ring and impeller. I went to replace the wear ring, and the new one 267 000 419 fits nice and tight, but protrudes about 1/2" past the front of the pump, keeping the pump from correctly...
  2. N

    01 GTX DI - Wear Ring Repetative Damage

    Looking for a little further help troubleshooting. Originally had an overheating issue with my 2001 GTX DI and after further investigation found a wear ring that had been darn near ripped to shreds through the impeller. Swap out the wear ring. Boom next ride within 10 minutes overheating again...
  3. C

    Impeller catching when turning inside of jet pump

    Hey everyone i just wen through my first wear ring and am taking on the project of fixing it myself as I’m trying to learn how to do my own maintenance on my ski The ski is a 2001 rx After taking off the jet pump from the reverse gate and the vts and inspecting the wear ring it’s visibly...
  4. poetbruce

    Pump install

    Hello folks, just finished an install of wear ring and carbon seal kit and neoprene seal to pump. When I reinstalled the pump, it looks like there is space between the pump housing and the boat. Is this space normal
  5. N

    2001 Seadoo GTI cranks slowly after new wear ring… Won’t start

    I recently completely rebuilt the jet pump and the wear ring is now tightly fit to the impeller. I go to start the engine and it is slowly turning over, nowhere close to enough to start the engine. I then pulled the plugs and it spins much faster but nowhere near as fast as it should. Any...
  6. S

    2004 GTX 4Tech 155 Wear Ring Replacement Issues (w/ pics)

    My wife sucked up some rocks on her 2004 GTX 155 so I ordered a new wear ring (part # 267000419). I pulled the pump off and encountered an aftermarket prop (Solas) and wear ring (unknown brand; damage inside the ring from rocks, not removal). I know the previous owner embraced a more forum over...
  7. poetbruce

    SEAL on 97 challenger.

    Do I need a a rubber seal on top of the wear ring, or just the neoprene seal inside. Not sure if the 97 needs the rubber outer seal. Thanks
  8. 1

    Help please! Cavitation issue

    Impeller and wear ring question: Last week I had a rock stuck between the shaft and the intake grate I have the original grate that opens. I was able to take it out from the intake grate and I thought I got lucky since it didn’t go through to the impeller. My boat is cavitating now and not...
  9. Fire3456

    How freely must a New impeller spin in a New wear ring, in order for the engine to start?

    I have a 2001 Sea Doo Sportster (single 951). I recently replaced almost everything from the PTO (Including the PTO) back, except the pump housing. With a new wear ring and new prop, how freely must the prop spin before the engine will be able to start? I had the assemble in a vice spinning...
  10. RahulK101

    Cavitation Issue - 2009 Speedster 200 Twin Supercharged

    Hi There, I noticed that when we are applying the throttle, the RPMs are very high (especially on the right engine). However, the speed remains low until the boat eventually planes out and catches itself. Approximately 195 hours on the boat. Supercharger rebuild was done 95 hours ago. 2009...
  11. W

    ‘01 Sportster LE Sudden Loss of Thrust

    I know this question is beat to death but I need help :( Boat was running great then loss most propulsion. I’m trying to figure out where the issue is coming from. I have damage in the Jet Pump Tunnel. Also on wear ring but the clearance seems to be minimal. Carbon Seal looks great (water in...
  12. W

    GTI-130- Does my jet pump need rebuild?

    Hey guys! I took my 2008 Seadoo GTI 130 in for a carbon ring replacement because it was taking on water. I just got a text saying it needs the wear ring and pump rebuilt with the attached picture. Total cost $1600. Was only supposed to be $290 as I provided the carbon ring. What should I do...
  13. S

    Wear ring issue

    Hello, I am the owner of a spark trixx model from 2019. We didn't have any issues with it since last week. As we hit 100 hours, the wear ring broke(no damage visible to any other components). We changed it. Then, 5 hours later, we broke the new ring. And it happened again today. Everytimes a...
  14. PolarCelsius

    Wear ring contact with prop for GSX 787

    My wear ring makes contact with my factory prop, the prop is in slightly questionable shape with some rugged edges here and there, I sanded them down for the most part The prop has a small but noticable gap between itself and the wear ring for most of the 'clockface but at the 5-o'clock...
  15. K

    96 spx wear ring issue

    I just bought this ski. The wear ring is not chewed up and the propeller is the right number. It had a anti rattle cone, no water in the cone at all. It has a pretty big gap all around the propeller tho. And has in and out play on the shaft, like front to back. Towards th drivershaft and nose...
  16. H

    Rock n' Roll.. What needs replacing?

    Hello all! So, I took in a rock on my 2018 Spark. Before I had a chance to kill the ski, it kicked the rock out. Obviously, I sustained damage. Wear ring obviously needs replacing, but I'm looking for opinions on the impeller and more importantly, the blades on the drive housing took some hits...
  17. L

    Spark 3up no power

    My spark doesn’t have power even after wear ring replacement (which was beat up). Won’t go above 5500 rpm. Prior to wear ring replacement: Was going full speed, started bogging. Got progressively worse to the point it wouldn’t even get out of the water. Eventually lead to rattly/grindy noise...
  18. B

    1998 gts taking on water and high rpms

    Hi I picked up a 1998 gts for about $600. Good compression. Took it out Day one and was riding fine. Then motor started spinng fast and not moving fast. Got back to shore and saw that the engine compartment was filled. - amazing I did not stall as it was almost up to battery. Go home and...
  19. JustSteve

    Jet Pump Wear Ring Replacement on Salt Water SPI - Salt Damage

    After spending the better part of the weekend pulling the pump and replacing the wear ring, I put together a video that shows exactly why you want to buy used parts from a freshwater machine. Everything worked out fine, but I'm not sure that I want to work that hard again for a jet pump...
  20. O

    New member, time for some maintenace

    Looking for some information on changing wear ring, i know i need the impeller tool just don't which one. Any help would be much appreciated 2008 gti 155 se