2003 GTX 4-TEC SC Wrong Pump? Wear ring too long

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I recently purchased a 2003 GTX 4-tec supercharged. It cavitates pretty bad, and I found damaged wear ring and impeller. I went to replace the wear ring, and the new one 267 000 419 fits nice and tight, but protrudes about 1/2" past the front of the pump, keeping the pump from correctly mating up to the hull. I actually tried two different wear rings, SBT and WSM. They are both about 3-1/16" long, and both protrude too far. Unfortunately, I already dumped the original wear ring I cut out- but I know it was shorter and fit correctly.

The previous owner had purchased a used pump for this, and it has "03 sc" marked on the side with some paint marker. The pump housing is factory marked as 271 001 258. The parts manual says it should be 271 000 037.

I know everyone says to go to aluminum housing instead, but I dont have the money for that. I just want the wear ring to fit so I can get out on the water before end of summer.

Do you think Seadoo made a slightly shorter housing at one point? It fits a 155mm impeller.

If I cannot find the correct wear ring, I am considering cutting this wear ring shorter. But seems like it could be tricky to make it fit perfect especially with the rubber sealing ring that mates against the hull.

Any thoughts appreciated.



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Yup,,,sticks out too far,,, wrong ring….just buy the correct one,,,
156mm, OEM 267 000-104; 267-000-309,,,2670-374,,,267-000-419
That's the thing - this wear ring is listed to work for all those OEM numbers. I believe the wear ring is the correct length for those OEM numbers. I believe my pump is shorter. Hoping someone knows why. Or can type in my pump number in a seadoo parts manual 271 001 258 to figure out which one I need...
I just had the exact same issue with my 03 GTX 4-Tec. In fact i have photos almost identical to yours with the blue ring extending from the black housing. I'm guessing you pulled a black wear ring out and tried to fit the blue one just like I did. In short, get the black one. you have the wrong ring.

The problem is that there are some crossover parts from the 2003 DI machines. This is confusing for people like you and I who have never replaced this ring in our skis. Also I find that some resellers are also confused. My source quickly sent me the correct size.
before my replacement wear ring arrived I was able to trim the blue one down and put the pump back together for a week at the lake.
If you trim it, you don't want to freehand it, and you don't really want to try to remove it for fear of damaging it.

So here is what I did:
I used my rotozip with a long flexible shaft handle, kind of like a dental drill.
Fit a small cutting disc in chuck.
The trick is to get a uniform depth on your cut all the way around the lip.
I just taped a small block of wood (about the size or my index finger) right along side the the cutting tool handle so that it would rest on the lip of the ring as I cut. This will set the depth of your cutter wheel.
If you are careful and go slowly you can be successful as I was.
I did not attempt to chamfer the outer edge, I just did a light hand sanding to take the sharp edge off.

hope that helps