01 GTX DI - Wear Ring Repetative Damage


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Looking for a little further help troubleshooting. Originally had an overheating issue with my 2001 GTX DI and after further investigation found a wear ring that had been darn near ripped to shreds through the impeller. Swap out the wear ring. Boom next ride within 10 minutes overheating again. Went back to the jet pump, another wear ring shredded. Okay, ordered a new jet pump/wear ring, swapped them out and well another 10 minute ride ended with overheating and another shredded wear ring. Shaft looks fine, no apparent damage on either end after removing. Any thoughts? Still fairly new to the jetski world. Picture for reference of machine


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My guess would be you are in need of an engine alignment
Thanks for the insight. Digging into how easily this can be done at home. Diagnosing seems fairly easy with the tool or getting creative, just not sure how adjusting for proper alignment would be
I’m not familiar with it all, I just recall reading a few times that if the engine is out of alignment you can damage the wear ring, drive shaft splines, carbon seal or whatever mechanism is in place to keep the water out can wear unevenly.
When you got it torn down for wear ring, check for excessive wiggle, your bearing may be worn too much and causing excessive vibration, causing it to eat your wear ring. Engine alignment is something that would do it too.
Who is installing the wear ring? Is that being done properly. There are 4 screws that hold the wear ring in place.. like small dowels. Those need to be in place. That wear ring is not a very tight fit inside the housing. You probably need to rebuild the jet pump and if it is that bad you likely need to replace the jet pump housing. I don't think misalignment alone will hurt the wear ring. Misalignment is bad but I've seen some pitiful alignments with no wear ring issues. The jet pump bearings hold all of that in place rather well. My suggestion would be to disassemble the jet pump, rebuild it, new wear ring, and align the engine while the pump is out. That will should solve your problem.

Do you have a quick connect fitting on the discharge hose out the back of the ski? Any fitting on that tube will restrict water flow. Good Luck !
Alignments don't break anything. They cause excessive vibration, excessive heat build up, premature wear and that is what destroys engines and pumps and wear rings. Do your best always to identify the "root cause" of the failure or you keep repeating the repair and get really good at it. LOL