1. A

    1995 SPX No Spark

    hi, have tried reaching out to the boys in the fb groups but seems no one wants to help! i was riding in some waves and ended up tipping the boat causing the lanyard to unhook and myself to fall off the side. When i got back on, the ski would crank endlessly but wouldn't start. I brought it...
  2. E

    98 GTX RFI rectifier/stator troubleshooting sanity check

    Hi. Summary: 12v low on display...won't start in water...started on trailer then backed into water...kind of ran, but not to standard max rpms. Compression is fine at ~145. Okay, so, checked fuses in rear electrical box. One 20amp was okay, the other 20amp was blown, the third fuse was fine...
  3. PolarCelsius

    95 XP 717 Blows 5A

    The MPEM 5A fuse blows whenever I attach the stator harness to the mag cover Engine turns over by shorting the solenoid Disconnecting two yellow wires from rectifier still blows fuse, disconnecting red wire from rectifier still blows fuse One of the 5A fuse terminals (But not both) has...
  4. PolarCelsius

    GSX 787 NO SPARK

    So I made the dumb mistake of hooking up the ignition coil ground to the positive terminal of the battery, I fried 2 ignition coils doing this before I realized what I had done I have a new ignition coil now, new boots and new plugs, ski powers up and turns over, but no spark, it worked last...
  5. P

    1997 GSX electrical problems

    Hi everyone. Recently started having issues with my 1997 GSX. I was out on the lake and my rectifier went bad. I replaced the rectifier with an OEM used one and it ran great right after install, but coming back to it the next day, I found the battery was dead. I put it on the battery charger...
  6. Jnz

    Challenger 180 Bendix Gear

    I am swapping the stator on my 05 Challenger 180. Upon trying to put the pto cover back on I noticed the bendix gear still seems to me engaged thus stopping the cover from going on. I've tried rotating the gear and it seems to slide in the slot the same everytime. Anyone have any suggestions...
  7. R

    Sea Doo RXP-X 300 flywheel bolts stator failure...fools gold?

    My 2016 RXP-X 300 sheared off all the flywheel bolts, destroying the stator, flywheel cover sending filings from stator which look like fools gold thru-out the engine. So being my machine has 115 hrs I'm being told Sea Doo most likely won't cover anything. This is a defect in the Sea Doo...
  8. R

    Prior Fools gold post...Beware this may be a sign of an issue w Sea Doo RXP-X 300 or other 260 models.

    My 2016 RXP-X 300 sheared off all the flywheel bolts, destroying the stator, flywheel cover sending filings from stator which look like fools gold thru-out the engine. So being my machine has 115 hrs I'm being told Sea Doo most likely won't cover anything. This is a defect in the Sea Doo...
  9. T

    2001 gtx rfi 787 replaced stator not running right low end.

    The stator plug melted and i had to get the stator replaced. The ski ran fine before this happened. When i got it back and water tested idle was rough and it sounded like something was hitting. After idle it ran great. This is driving me nuts. What could be the problem.
  10. homerson

    throttle cable stuck after dead short!

    Hey all, Here is my story, my starter ground cable was loose on my ride, and it ended up shorting my MPEM and the ski just died. I found the 5amp fuse blown and blows anytime the wire is hooked up to the cover of the magneto/stator. I took it apart and found it all tested well, even the...
  11. J

    1998 SeaDoo GTS Starting Issue

    Multiple issues. This is a 1998 SeaDoo GTS. First, I just replaced the mpem because it was blowing the 5 amp fuse. When I connect the lanyard, I hear two beeps, but get nothing when I hit it he start button. I ran a multimeter and can clearly see that the solenoid is not even activating (I took...
  12. Scott Martin

    Big chunk of magnet found wedged next to flywheel. Broken Flywheel or Stator?

    So I went to start my boat tonight only to have this grinding noise when the starter was engaged. Upon closer inspection I found a chuck of magnet wedged on the side of my flywheel. :redface: The chuck is roughly 2 inches wide and about 1.5 inches tall. Needless to say I'll be pulling off...
  13. shep

    Water in stator

    Hello guys! Dr Honda, might be your area, but if anyone else knows.... Last spring I was changing the gear and stator oil before storage. When I went to change the stator oil, I was going to do it simply be removing the fill and drain plugs, sucking out the old and replacing with new. Upon...
  14. O

    Overheat light when cold / low 12 volt

    I have a '97 GSX that had a sbt engine installed in it last year. When I started the break in procedure this summer it ran fine for the first half hour. I parked it let it sit until it was completely cold. I took it out again for the second half hour of break in and it would just die on me...
  15. G

    96 GTX Disintegrating Mag

    I've owned a 96 GTX for a year and a half and while running ok at the beginning, it has become downright frustrating as of late. Actually it's become dead in the water. The problem is that it's blowing 15 amp fuses, which seems to be fairly common. To solve the problem of blown fuses (both the...
  16. robman66

    Gear/stator oil change

    I have read a couple threads regarding changing the gear/stator oil. Just looking for a bit more clarification. I know there are the drain and vent plugs, next to the intake grate. Maybe someone can help me with the proper procedure. Obviously the drain plug is removed to drain the old...
  17. W

    Sucked in hydro surge grate!

    So this past week I decided to take the wear ring off and smooth out some low spots with jb weld to see if I could get back some lost performance due to cavitation. Got it all done and it looked great. Sunday I decided to haul it out and see how she ran and just like I thought, ran like a dream...
  18. R

    Reassemby of 4-Tec: How to Correctly Install Stator Drum and Sleeve THINGY?

    Situation: Local dealer pulled 04 GTX LTD motor. When motor blew supercharger, it did some collateral damage to both oil pumps, starter gear, etc. I'm starting to reassemble. I noticed my flywheel drum that rotates around the stator has a stamped, fingered THINGY that sleeves around the drum...
  19. cuenta

    help flywheel get overheat

    I was wondering if anyone on the forum knows if the is normal that the flywheel cover get hot The ski runs great and the engine feels cold to the touch but the flywheel cover or magneto cover is hot Thanks for your help
  20. cuenta

    sea doo flywheel get hot

    hello friends I have a rookie question I have a 1997 gti and the flywheel cover them extremely hot engine block is cold exhaust pipe too is this normal or have any problem thanks for your help