throttle cable stuck after dead short!

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Hey all,

Here is my story, my starter ground cable was loose on my ride, and it ended up shorting my MPEM and the ski just died. I found the 5amp fuse blown and blows anytime the wire is hooked up to the cover of the magneto/stator. I took it apart and found it all tested well, even the regulator rectifier tested good, so I believe my MEPM is dead. if anyone has a lead on a good price for a 97 Sea Doo XP mpem let me know. However here is my question/problem... when the connector into the stator IS connected there is deadshort and the voltage is going out the cable where the oil injection is and out to the throttle cable. it was only hooked up a few times and we noticed smoke, (oil burning) on the wire and it got HOT. Now the throttle cable barely moves and feels "short" or stuck. I'm wondering if somehow the cable getting hot damaged it. Is there any way to adjust this without taking the carbs off? Would it be better or easier to just buy a new cable assembly? Just was not finding much on youtube, hope someone here has ideas! Oh also my key never beeps when put in anymore after the ski died on me, another reason I'm thinking my mpem is dead.
When you say the stator tests ok, did you test not just between stator windings.(yellow wires)
But from windings to ground?
Multimeter set to Ohms, One lead to a yellow wire and The other lead to the engine casing??
The reason your throttle cable is stuck now is that since the main ground connection was bad, the electrical system was seeking a ground and the path it found was through the throttle cable/oil injection cable. This melted the cable inside it's housing and that is why it is stuck now.
You will need to replace the throttle cable and repair the ground issue.
Check and replaced any battery cable that is bad. Replace the throttle cable as noted above. It became your ground and arced to itself and basically welded itself.
Thanks guys, I figured I'd have to replace the cable, anyone have experience with it? Easy job or hard?
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