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  1. L


    Hey guys i have a 2000 Seadoo GTX Millenium Edition 951, i just bought the jet ski a few days ago and it rode well, little bit of water was coming into the hull under the motor, couple of friends said it was possible carbon seal, i rode it today and i was pulling a tube and the rope got sucked...
  2. K

    Seadoo XP 97 - Won't go over 5 mph

    Hello, I am a total newbie to the PWC world. I was given a 97 xp as a project jet ski August 2019 and had no clue where to start until reading these forums. I began by emptying the bad gas and got a new battery. Got some new spark plugs, new gas and eventually got the thing started. The idling...
  3. I

    Seadoo Hull Repair

    Hi all, I was on a trip this weekend and I guess parked my ski a little close to shallow water, during some choppy times and it gave it quite the beating off of rocks. Stupid me. It doesn't appear to have gone right through, as it happened a distance away from the final destination...
  4. X


    Hey everybody, I have a 1995 seadoo xp 720, my motor is stock with rebuilt carbs and all fuel lines replaced etc. I am looking at buying a spec 2 factory pipe with the ECWI. I have heard a lot of things, about this pipe. -you can run stock just fine -need aftermarket flame arresters -need...
  5. Shane0524

    FOR SALE Cleanest 1996 GTX in the Country

    INTERESTED BUYERS ONLY. Title in hand. This is quite possibly the cleanest 1996 Sea-Doo GTX in the country. 2-owner, highly maintained, 112 hours. All original. Runs excellent, EVERYTHING works. Problematic grey fuel lines have been replaced. Carburetors just cleaned, RAVE exhaust power...
  6. E

    12 Volt low help

    Hey all, I have a 2002 seadoo gtx with 12 volt low warning and slow blink on the warning light. I'm not sure if it's related but i wanted to include it. The speedometer intermittenly works. Having said that, I've already put in a new rectifier and a new battery. It drained the new battery within...
  7. robkat

    2004 GTX Ski Pylon? Do I have a different setup

    Seems as if I dont have the flat bottom everyone else has adding the ski pole. Do I really not have it and I just wrap a rope around the black plastic bar or use that little metal ring? Doesnt seem stable enough.
  8. robkat

    2004 GTX 4Tec General Questions

    Okay folks, here is where I need some guidance as a NEW PWC owner. Other than watching Youtube videos, I am trying to learn these ski's the best I can to ensure proper use, cleaning, red-flags, etc. So here is what I have questions about, please feel free to chime in on ANY of the questions I...
  9. C

    My 1997 GTS Seadoo Cranks but doesn’t start!

    So I went to Canadian tire and asked what oil my seadoo takes and they guy said 5w40 And I said ok.. and the oil in my seadoo and it ran fine until 3 minuites later then would barely go anywhere and giving it full throttle still went super slow.. so I figured out I put the wrong oil and bought...
  10. 1

    1992 Seadoo XP 580 Won't Run in Water

    Hello all, I have a 1992 Seadoo XP. It ran great last summer after replacing the PTO flywheel, drive shaft, needle bearing and seal carrier. However, when I launched the Seadoo this year, it ran for a short period of time and then died out. Problem: The engine starts and runs great on the...
  11. A

    2000 Seadoo LRV cranks but wont turn over

    Hi there! Hoping I can get some help with my 2000 Seadoo LRV. Long story short - I purchased this 7 years ago, it ran great. Unfortunately, it broke down a few years in and we had to replace the engine. Refurbished SBT Engine (Sea-Doo premium engine 951 Silver LRV 1998-03) installed and...
  12. onez

    Problems with IBR (RXT-X 2010)

    This is what has happened to me: Now that we have free time I decided to clear the rust from some parts of my RXT-X 260 RS (S3 hull) In particular the cover for the IBR motor, I only took it apart to paint it, as you can see in the picture. The problem is that when putting it back I get an...
  13. Tyman2020

    00 GTX DI Charging issues

    Okay, so im at my wits end with this ski.... A little backround info. I purchased this ski about two years ago from a guy on CL and lets just say its been nothing but issues lol! Anyways the issue i am having is that im not getting charging voltage out my rectifier..I have done static and...
  14. D

    Mercury 240hp EFI M2 Jet Drive Surging

    Hey I have an issue with my engine surging, hope someone can point me in the right direction. I have a Mercury 240 M2 Jet Drive. It starts up fine but when I put more throttle to it, it starts to surge. When I have it in the water it is a back and forth motion. I do have new spark pugs in that...
  15. C

    Seadoo Gti Le Rfi dies

    Hey guys I’m new to this forum and I recently have purchased a 2005 seadoo GTI LE RFI, the people I bought this from said it was running great last summer but has not been ran since, I took it out the other day after replacing the spark plugs, charging the battery, and adding fuel stabilizer and...
  16. J

    Seadoo xp 951 oil injection

    I replaced all the 3/32 oil lines on my xp and drained the tank. When I was draining the tank I relized that the 90degree fitting on the bottom of the tank wasent letting oil thru I assumed that there might be a little valve or somthing that stops it from going thru till the oil pump is going...
  17. T

    Seadoo gtx 650 1994

    Hi i have a 1994 seadoo gtx, which i have fully rebuilt everything (top and bottom engine rebuild, carb rebuild, new fuel lines new jet pump, new fuel selector ) but the last time i have took it out on the water it bogged down to 1 cylinder, i got back to shore and couldnt start it again. Ive...

    2016 SEADOO RXP-X 300 Not Starting

    Good Day, I have a 2016 Seadoo RXP 300, it had salt water damage on the Intercooler and Throttle, I bought the ski from a friend, Plugged into CANDOO Pro and had several errors listed below: - P060E - P106E - P1615 - P1619 - P1620 - P1622 Most of these were active so i decided to physically...
  19. Andygtx2000

    Sea doo gtx 951 starting issue please read

    Guys I need help please it’s a 2000 seadoo gtx 951 with the carbs when I push the start button the starter sounds like it wants to start but it gets stuck right away.
  20. F

    97 seadoo gsx cranks but won’t start

    So I just rebuilt the engine on a project 97 seadoo gsx and the problem is it will crank over with spark just fine, but won’t start. I know the motor has good compression because it was just rebuilt and the battery and plugs are new too so the spark is good. I put new fuel lines in and rebuilt...