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    2016 SEADOO RXP-X 300 Not Starting

    Good Day, I have a 2016 Seadoo RXP 300, it had salt water damage on the Intercooler and Throttle, I bought the ski from a friend, Plugged into CANDOO Pro and had several errors listed below: - P060E - P106E - P1615 - P1619 - P1620 - P1622 Most of these were active so i decided to physically...
  2. Andygtx2000

    Sea doo gtx 951 starting issue please read

    Guys I need help please it’s a 2000 seadoo gtx 951 with the carbs when I push the start button the starter sounds like it wants to start but it gets stuck right away.
  3. F

    97 seadoo gsx cranks but won’t start

    So I just rebuilt the engine on a project 97 seadoo gsx and the problem is it will crank over with spark just fine, but won’t start. I know the motor has good compression because it was just rebuilt and the battery and plugs are new too so the spark is good. I put new fuel lines in and rebuilt...
  4. PolarCelsius


    Last time out on the water, when I would turn off the engine, intermittently upon putting the key back on the high temp LED would flash a few times, then whole info dash would turn off... take out key and try again, eventually it would just work as normal. Now it seems to be indefinite. Will not...
  5. D


    Hi everyone...I am having an issue with my gauge on my 2000 seadoo gsx rfi. Currently Ive been riding the ski with the gauge disconnected. When it is connected it displays "888" (like it's resetting or something) and everything is lit up on the gauge. It also stays lit up like that when the...
  6. B

    What hose to pinch when towing ?

    I have a 2002 Seadoo GTX RFI. I’ve looked at the pics of the manual and the seadoo itself and can’t find what hose to pinch when having to tow.
  7. R

    2000 GTX Fuel Pump

    I have a dumb question. Does my 2000 Millennium GTX (not DI) have an electric fuel pump in the tank. If so can the pump alone be replaced. I know it has the fuel pump sending unit in the tank, but is there a replaceable pump in there? Or do I need to replace the whole unit on this one. It...
  8. Sebastian Bluecrew

    Adjust-A-Thrust Wet Wolf Nosecone review

    Here's a video I made testing this thing out, and explaining it, because all the forums I have searched, nobody came up with an answer, all I read was "I just got one, i'll let you know how it works" and nothing since 2009 when they posted if you are interested, like I was, here it is.
  9. Jkwarciak

    GTI Engine Turns Over But No Spark

    GTI Engine Turns Over But No Spark Its a 1999 Sea Doo GTI. The key beeps twice as it should when inserted. The engine turns over and sounds exactly how it should but there is no spark - it will not fire up. Its losing volts somewhere. The magneto, battery and computer were just replaced in...
  10. B

    Damaged Pistons (pictures)

    Hi there, I’m new here and I was reading some forums in damaged pistons and was wondering if I can get you guys to look at them with the pictures provided to let me know how this might of happened? Also if I rebuilt it what are my chances this will happen again? I currently have a 97 XP seadoo,
  11. Sebastian Bluecrew

    Monster 720 build w/FPP, too much HP for this prop

    Matt, chime in.. This is my current setup.. 1997 Seadoo SP with 720, Factory Performance pipe and ECWI Microtouch, WSM piston kit .75mm overbore, dual 44mm Super BN jetted at 132.5 low/120 high @ 20PSI pop-off,Mounted on Westcoast intake manifold, Ocean pro vortex filters, 150psi x2 , Solas...
  12. H

    Advice/Thoughts before buying a 2003 SeaDoo Utopia 185 w/ 200 HP Fuel Injected Mercury Jet Boat

    Hello all! I'm new to jet boats and boats in particular but was curious about a SeaDoo Jet Boat I've been eyeing on craigslist for some time now. It's a 2003 SeaDoo Utopia 185 w/ 200 HP Mercury and the seller is asking $9400. Seems to be in pretty good condition from what I see from the...
  13. R

    Seadoo xp 800 1996 no spark on front cylinder (mag side??)

    Hello! i got no spark on the front cylinder but i do on the back cylinder. i changed sparkplugs and coils with boots. i tried to bypass the killswitch with no luck anyone have a clue whats going on? -rubves
  14. B

    2000 Seadoo rx di mpem smokes

    Recently bought a 2000 seadoo rx di....when I plugged everything into the mpem and replaced fuse in rear electrical box the mpem started smoking at plug 2 pin 25 and 26. The plastic on the mpem has started melting....the vts is unplugged aswell as 6 pin at stator. I have tried testing which fuse...
  15. Sebastian Bluecrew

    HELP identify this MSD ignition

    I got this part with a sale, it is an MSD ignition, I bought an XP, 1995 with the 720, he said he had it working with this, I cannot identify it. Anyone know?
  16. E

    2002 GTX-DI

    Potentially going to look at two 2002 GTX-DI water-crafts. The owner is asking $3,000 for the pair with a trailer. He says one runs but has low compression and the other just needs a starter. Both have just over 200 hours. Both look pretty clean aesthetically and the trailer seems to be in good...
  17. V

    2005 Seadoo GTI

    Hey everyone, I’ve bought a 2005 SEADOO GTI RFI, with the 2 cylinder, 2 stroke, bombardier rotax engine, and ive ran into a problem. I’ve tried to start it, but it doesn’t start. I’ll post a link to a video, where I try to start it and you’ll hear noise it’s making, but doesn’t start. There was...
  18. PolloCalores

    2000 GTX 951 Rebuild Cost

    Hello all, I am currently toying with the idea of purchasing one of my Dad's friends old skis. It's a 2000 GTX Millenium with the carbed 951 motor. He is currently looking to simply get rid of the ski altogether. The engine needs rebuilt and that brings me to my questions. The engine was...
  19. HammerFFTP

    SeaDoo cut out when wide open and won't rev up now

    I am a new SeadDoo owner and new to the forums. I have a 2015 SeaDoo WakePro 215. Today I took out the SeaDoo for a 20-30min ride. While riding basically full throttle the SeaDoo cut out on me as if I released the throttle and dropped to idle. When this happened I released the throttle. It...
  20. mahdian

    2018 Seadoo RXT X RS O.T.A.S Failure

    Hello, I have 2018 Seadoo RXT X RS that have O.T.A.S failure and problem. After checking faults in BUDS2, we have this Active Fault: ECM - Active - P1550 - Otas sensor voltate not plausible. Is there any O.T.A.S sensor on this PWC? I cant saw that. Please Help