98 gts seadoo no beep no start no nothing


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I recently purchased this 98 seadoo gsx. The lady I purchased from had no idea if it ever ran or what's wrong with it. It looks to be in great shape very clean inside and out. When I go to start it with dess key there are no beeps but dash display turns on, when I press start button nothing happens no clicking nothing at all. I checked over all the fuses they all look good. I also bought new battery did not help. After doing some research people say could be bad buzzer or start/kill switch. Or might need to have key re programming.

Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to fix? I don't really want to spend a bunch of money on lots of parts or mechanics only 18 and hoping to get this running for the summer thanks.


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Without the key on the Dess post, if you push the start/stop button does the info gauge come on? It if does with you put the key on the Dess post, I'd start with a new start/stop button. I had the same issue on a 2000 GTX.
Best thing to do is replace the beeper. Then you will know if it recognizes the key. Without knowing that you will be in the dark.