So I bought my 01 Gtx from my uncle. It hadn’t been run for 2 years but he always takes care of his things and it was garage kept. I had to put a need battery in it and to do that I had to unplug the speed sensor. Ever since I did that the speedometer won’t work. My uncle said it worked the last time he rode it and I am fairly positive I didn’t break a wire when unplugging it. Occasionally it would go up to the speed I was going but then it would go back to zero and sit there. I bought a used sensor for it and changed it and now it just stays on zero and the needle never moves. My question is does the speedometer have to be programmed after you change the sensor.
I know that it says this is for a 96 challenger but does anyone have any thought on if this speed sensor work. It has three wires so I would assume it has a temp sensor. When I Google the part number on my temp sensor off my 01 Gtx this is what comes up.