1. N

    2000 challenger mpem

    I have a 2000 challenger model 5672. For some reason mpem is not turning on or giving response. Checked voltage coming in, attempted to connect candoo pro to see if any reading. Unfortunately no response, buzzer works, checked dess post, all reading comes back as a good dess post. Any other...
  2. D

    Almost fixed- 1994 GTS No Start- Bad stop button?

    HI Everyone, Looking for some help. My 1994 GTS will not turn over. I have a good fully charged battery. When I hit the start button, nothing happens. Here is what is going on in the electrical box. My solenoid has the 4 terminals (Two Large and Two small). 3 of the 4 posts have 12V to...
  3. J

    FOR SALE 1999 Challenger Part out Twin 787

    Parting out a 1999 1800 Challenger with twin 787 - One bad motor, one running motor. Cushions shot and missing cushion frames. I am located in South MS and local pickups are welcome. I don't scam on shipping and will post actual box size and weight. I accept paypal and/or venmo with buyer...
  4. J

    95 GTS 580 stalls

    I have a 1995 GTS with some weird issue. bought it as a project cheap got it running took it out to test it and ran great for 15 minutes then started stalling with 2 beeps after 5-8 seconds. I did some testing and found found it will run great with the black and red wire unhooked. had a spare...
  5. T

    98 GSX LTD no beep no nothing

    My 951 GSX sucked up a bunch of weeds and overheated and took on a bit of water. I was w able to rectify the issue and get it back on the water for a short duration before it dying and unable to start back up. Since then I haven’t even gotten a beep from when I put the key on or hit the start...
  6. Dkp2862

    MPEM Smoking, Grounding issue

    I know this is a longshot, my MPEM started smoking yesterday. my thought was that some wires were grounding out. I did a Continuity test and it seems that a lot of the positive wires, including the ones going from the positive battery terminal to the solenoid, have continuity to ground. What...
  7. PhilBush

    MPEM 5A Fuse Blowing

    The Diode actually 'Shorts Out' & is designed to Blow the 5a Fuse, as protection to stop further damage to the MPEM. Reversing the Battery +/- will Blow ('Short Out') the MPEM Diode (there can be other rare occasions it will Blow / 'Short Out'). So if you carefully remove the Black Stuff; One...
  8. K

    1996 speedster mpem

    Hey guys I have a 1996 speedster . Couple years ago put 2 new motors in it. Now I have lost the original mpem in it. It keeps blowing the 5 amp fuse. I’m looking into getting the new retro fit kit from I have talked to the guy a couple times about doing it but just curious if...
  9. D

    657x MPEM Compatibility

    Hello, I purchased a 94 XP last year and starting work on it as of recently. Was told by the guy I purchased from that he heard a pop from the MPEM and I have not been able to find a 278-000-071 to replace it. I did some research and found that the 95 GTX has the same engine and I believe that a...
  10. E

    1998 GTX LIMITED dead MPEM vs bad voltage regulator

    I have a 1998 GTX LTD recently acquired. History: It had a top end rebuild by previous owner. However, previous owner had wired the battery ground to the starter plus terminal… I got it running after repairing the rear electrical box and replacing the rear harness with one pulled from a 99...
  11. S

    1996 seadoo gti no beep no crank

    I have a 1996 seadoo gti 717, i get no beeps when key is on post, no crank, no start no spark. Checked and replaced the harness. If i hit the start button once the oil light comes on for 33 seconds but no beeps. Replaced mpem with aftermarket no dess mpem and still no beeps and no crank. Tested...
  12. A

    96 SP cranking without key when connecting battery up. Won’t stop running until battery dies or is disconnected. Help.

    I just bought 2 PWC last week. A 1993 GTX and a 1996 SP. The SP starts to crank the second the battery is connected even without the safety switch pressed in. If I push the start button it will fire right up but then won’t shut off until I disconnect the battery or the battery dies. I also...
  13. D

    94/95 Seadoo XP MPEM compatibility

    I recently bought a Seadoo XP with a 657x engine that is non-running with no spark. The previous owner said they saw smoke come from the MPEM and so I ordered a aftermarket one that’s compatible with part 278-000-070 (For 587 engines or 92 XP from sellers page). In my jet ski it is part...
  14. C

    electrical gremlin - 2004 gtx

    Hi guys - I'm a newbie to this forum and pwc's in general. I'm also fairly technically and mechanically useless! :) So now that I've gotten that out of the way, I wanted to describe my issue. I purchased this unit earlier this spring and have had issues with it since. I have had someone...
  15. 2

    '97 Challenger MPEM Diode

    Has anyone done the diode replacement procedure on a 97 Challenger (single 787) MPEM? Just wondering if someone knows the exact diode location so that I can reduce the amount of digging required to find it. Thanks!
  16. L. Dean Ficarro

    LF: CA based timing programmer (951 engine)

    Can anyone point me to a Southern California based company or person that can perform a timing adjustment for a rebuilt GSXL?
  17. L. Dean Ficarro

    FOR SALE WTB RXX twin pipes & related mpem

    Looking to tweak my GSXL performance short of buying parts from Mel just yet. Testing the waters!
  18. Z

    GTX 2004 sc P1607 code

    I am reading a P1607 code on my 2004 gtx sc. when I looked in the manual, it said no service action. Has anyone fixed a P1607 issue? I have started checking the fuses in the MPEM for corrosion, but no luck yet. should also mention that when I try to start the ski up, there is a spark on the...
  19. BBird

    GTS 96 MPEM in 93?

    I have a similar issue to the “Confirmation of a dead MPEM on a 1994 GTS” thread. I have a 96 GTS and a 93 GTS. I know the MPEM is not listed to work, but could it? Would the STOP switch now need to be a START/STOP switch. It has progressively gotten worse about running after starting. It was...
  20. A


    Problem solved. MPEM at fault.