1. Tayloreks

    2000 gti random electrical problems while under load

    Hey everyone I need help with this gti. I have very weird electrical problems at random the ski will just die while riding It will do it while idling sometimes. I seem to remember casually replacing a 15 amp fuse in the mempem or I might be dreaming it at this point. I got this ski off someone I...
  2. PolarCelsius

    95 XP Constant Crank

    Ski has a dead starter, owner fried it from it constantly cranking, solenoid fried too, I put a new solenoid into it and it clicks again, doesn't turn over because I know the starter is dead. As soon as the key is attached (pre DESS) the solenoid clicks, and is constantly getting energized, pull...
  3. homerson

    throttle cable stuck after dead short!

    Hey all, Here is my story, my starter ground cable was loose on my ride, and it ended up shorting my MPEM and the ski just died. I found the 5amp fuse blown and blows anytime the wire is hooked up to the cover of the magneto/stator. I took it apart and found it all tested well, even the...
  4. G

    Buzzer staying on

    I have a 2007 rxp and lately at the end of the day the buzzer will just come on and won't stop until I pull the lanyard and will continue for another 20 seconds after. If I bring the lanyard to the dess post not even plugging it in and computer wakes up is will continue to make a solid tone...
  5. A

    1996 Seadoo GTX E-box problems?

    I was out testing a new 1996 Seadoo GTX i recently aquired. It ran fine for about a half hour, then all the sudden the engine cut out. I took my key off, and put it back on. No beeps.... I repeated this process many times, and I could not get the beeps from the E-box. I towed it in with my other...
  6. J

    1998 Seadoo XP blowing 15AMP Fuses

    1998 Seadoo XP blowing 15 AMP fuses. Running perfect the last two years. Riding today... hit a wake got sideways... I'm half on half off the ski... reach up and yank the lanyard to shut it off... never flipped over. Get back on ski. Nothing. No beep... no power to gauges... Tow it back in...
  7. A

    99 spx solenoid? ignition circuit?

    my 99 spx will intermittently start cranking without the safety switch installed or the start button being pushed. sometimes it operates normally. i will install the switch, get the double beep, press the start button, and the engine will turn over. sometimes, pushing the stop button or...