97 xp

  1. B

    1997 Sea Doo XP - Hesitation from Idle to Low Throttle & Uncommon Stall off Throttle

    Hey everyone, I'm a total newbie with PWC's (since I just got mine last weekend), so excuse my bad explanation of the problem... Doing the best I can. I read nearly all the threads on this type of issue for about 5 hours yesterday, so I'm aware of all the potential causes but I guess I need a...
  2. homerson

    throttle cable stuck after dead short MPEM...help!

    Hey all, Here is my story, my starter ground cable was loose on my ride, and it ended up shorting my MPEM and the ski just died. I found the 5amp fuse blown and blows anytime the wire is hooked up to the cover of the magneto/stator. I took it apart and found it all tested well, even the...
  3. cboss54

    picking up my '97 XP

    I see there are a lot of xp threads but most of them seem to get way off topic so deal with it. I am getting my 97 xp tomorrow I did a walk through and compression test and everything seems legit. the guy I am buying it from all he does is work on PWC and has a very good rep around here...
  4. M

    1998 xp vs 1997 xp

    I've got a 98xp that I picked up for next to nothing but it needs a rebuild. I've never driven one but I do have a 97xp and a 03 rxdi. How do they compare?
  5. elementsk8r3

    97 XP Sputtering and Bogging Down

    I took my 97 XP out to the river yesterday and ran it. It ran great for about 3 hours and I had no problems from it. On the way back to the boat ramp it started skipping at around 3/4 throttle and eventually wouldn't even get on a plane. It idles fine but when you give it throttle it feels like...
  6. elementsk8r3

    97 XP dies when battery is disconnected

    My 97 XP dies when the battery is disconneced. I was wondering if this is normal or idicates a charging problem.
  7. D

    97 seadoo xp shuts off at 1/2 throttle?

    Ok....I have a 97 xp that between half throttle and 3/4 throttle shuts down. Just like someone pulled the lanyard. Sometimes it fires rite back up and sometimes it spits and sputters for a bit before it will crank. If i jump a wave it shuts down. If i get On it hard from dead stop it shuts down...
  8. P

    97 XP will not turn over

    got mod engine with high torqe starter in my 97 xp, turns over without plugs but will not with plugs screwed in. Compression is at 185
  9. D

    Waterlogged XP

    I inherited a 97 XP that had been partially sank and had water in the block for about 6 weeks. I talked to one mechanic that said if it sat up for that long full of water that the motor was done. I just pulled the engine and broke it down and the crankcase was indeed full of water. I thoroughly...
  10. L

    DESS problem :(

    So I have the same problem with my 97 XP as alot of other people have with the lanyard, It just shuts off when I am riding it as if I have disconnected the lanyard. And sometimes when it shuts off it will beep twice as if I have disconnected the lanyard and reconnected it, and sometimes it won't...
  11. C

    97 XP optional hour meter

    I'm sure like most models our XP has a blank for a gauge just under the VTS gauge. Was there an optional gauge that was available for this model? Is it possible to add an hour meter there or anywhere else on the ski for that matter? Thanks in advance
  12. C

    97 XP flickering oil light

    Rolled our 97 XP. Wouldn't start. Followed some of the forums and got it started. Lake tested. Runs great except for a flickering oil light that I never noticed in the past. Higher RPM's no light on. Lower RPM's and idle speed it flickers. Sometimes on. Sometimes off. Thanks in advance for...