1. E

    Seadoo SPX 717 Mikuni BN46 and Pip

    Hey guys, i bought a Seadoo SPX 1996 with 717 Rotax engine and dual Mikuni 46mm carbs and i am planning to install an APE pipe. Now i need to clean the carbs and install a new gasket kit. What kind of jetting do you suggest for me to start? I am new to this
  2. J

    1995 spx carb settings

    recently picked up a 95 spx locally that had sat for several years. Compression checked out, replaced battery, replaced gray fuel lines, and rebuilt the dual carb with genuine mikuni parts. ski starts pretty easily now and runs mostly well (besides a bad wear ring, waiting for new one to show...
  3. NoahDobie

    95 SPX rear vts conversion

    Hello all! I'm back after a long while, I found a great deal on a mint 95 SPX hull, no hairline cracks and the stickers still look amazing. Got it for 100 cad. So, I'm going to swap all my internals and pump from the Xp to the Spx. Everything seems like it'll work fine, except the SPX hull has...
  4. A

    1995 SPX No Spark

    hi, have tried reaching out to the boys in the fb groups but seems no one wants to help! i was riding in some waves and ended up tipping the boat causing the lanyard to unhook and myself to fall off the side. When i got back on, the ski would crank endlessly but wouldn't start. I brought it...
  5. Bowser

    Bowser’s SPX

    Ahoy SeadooForum, This build thread serves to archive the trials of my first water craft, a ’95 SPX. It was purchased in March 2022 with a known issue of fuel not getting to the carburetors. I am a first-timer at fiddling with two stroke engines but find forums a wealth of info, so here I am...
  6. B

    1998 Seadoo SPX floods with water even after carbon seal replaced

    Hey everyone. My 1998 SPX is still getting water inside. I replaced the carbon seal, the old one was really bad, and it still gets water in it. I’m not too sure where else water could come in. Water looks like it was slung everywhere in there so I’m really thinking that the carbon seal is still...
  7. E

    95 spx, needs top end but can't find parts, found used motor claimed to be running but seems to cheap. Help

    Have a 95 SPX that needs a top end rebuild. New to PWC last year, know a little bit mechanically but not enough to decide how to move forward. My local Sea-Doo outfit said the machines too old for them to work on and also said the top end rebuild kit is discontinued. I found somebody to work on...
  8. Aaron787gsx

    1994 sea doo 657cc slow turning over

    Hey everyone I just recently picked up a 1994 sea doo with the 657 motor for a steal and has really low hours on it and hasn’t ran in about 2 years. I did a compression test on it and bothe cylinders were trading 150psi. Now I installed the spark plugs back into the cylinders and attempted to...
  9. Matt_martians

    oil issue

    Hello fellow water bike owners, I recently came into an issue(s) on my 1995 sea doo spx with the 657x engine. I acquired this ski in no-start condition. I did a full fuel system rebuild(carb rebuild, fuel line replacement, fuel baffle replacement) since it had a fuel issue, and it started and I...
  10. R

    1999 Seadoo SPX jerking

    Hi guys, don't know if someone can help me but I hope so. I have a 1999 SPX that I got from someone where it had been standing for years. I have tried to get it going again but its giving me issues. I changed all the fuel lines from the grey lines, put a new battery in it and got the carbs and...
  11. 1

    1996 spx value

    I’m new to all this stuff and i’m thinking of buying a pair of 96’ spx’s. They’ve been sitting in my neighbors yard for at least 5 years untouched but i messaged her yesterday about it and she said they were running two years ago. I don’t know how much money to offer her, any help? Thanks sorry...
  12. 94samson

    Question on DESS

    When was the DESS key put into Sea-Doo models? Is it normal for a 1996 Sea-Doo SPX to have a standard post kill switch? Is it normal for a seadoo with a standard post kill switch to have a MPEM with the wire for the DESS application? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  13. JustSteve

    Backyard Test Tank

    Thought it might be fun to have a test tank in my backyard but the crappy pool leaked so we had some fun with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ispu1qn8KNk
  14. W

    96 Seadoo spx - fuel mixture update

    Back when these engines were built they did not have a mixture system that adapted to the amount of power you gave the seadoo. I am wondering if anyone has successfully put a new system in there that changes the oil and fuel mixture while driving. or if anyone knows where there is one that is...
  15. J

    New to me 1997 spx 787 starting issues

    I'm having 2 different starting issues that could be related. First issue is the ski won't start in the water. If I start on the trailer and keep it running I can ride it nonstop as long as I don't shut it off. But no matter what I do it will not start when in the water. Second starting...
  16. W

    1997 Seadoo SPX 787 Starting Issue

    Hello, I am currently having some issues with my ski. When I go to start it (with a full and tested battery) it will turn over and than stop turning over like I am letting go of the starter button. Turn over for a couple seconds and then stop for a second and repeat. However, I have noticed if...
  17. C

    1993 Sea-Doo SPX : Could use some help pinpointing the problem - (video)

    So I was given this old Sea-Doo, and am trying to get it running. I have cleaned out the old gas, cleaned the carburetor, put new spark plugs in it and got a new battery. Now when I go to start it, it sounds like the starter is bad but I am not 100% sure. I have taken a video to better...
  18. R

    96 SPX Losing Power on Water

    So been racking my brain on this one, I think it has to do with a bad impeller. Have a 96 SPX that will completely lose power while on the water only. If i run it on a hose, there's no power loss at all. By power loss I mean it will be going full speed, and then just go back to idle, then back...
  19. emspjay

    Wanted 1998 SPX 800 project

    I am looking for a 1998 Seadoo SPX project. It can be running or not but I would like the gel coat and graphics to be in good shape or restore-able. I am in south east Michigan and will travel a few hours for the right project. Let me know what you got! Thank you, Jason.
  20. P

    Help Identifying CDI

    I have a CDI I'm trying to identify I can read most of the numbers but I can't come up with anything. I'm trying to put it in a 96' SPX 717 if it's the right unit. I can read 278_0008029