95 SPX rear vts conversion

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Hello all!

I'm back after a long while, I found a great deal on a mint 95 SPX hull, no hairline cracks and the stickers still look amazing. Got it for 100 cad.
So, I'm going to swap all my internals and pump from the Xp to the Spx.
Everything seems like it'll work fine, except the SPX hull has the front VTS which apparently works, but i'd like to use my known working rear-mounted one out of the 95 XP. Anyone done the swap? I may be able to just put little risers under the bracket for the rear and it'll sit right. Just looking for ideas, thanks!
Well, I think I figured it out!

Basically I made a template using the pump and top two studs on the rear of the hull, then placed the cardboard on the back and traced where the original 95 spx trim cable would go through on the back. Lined up the bottom of my whole saw with the bottom of the old hole and slightly to the left to allow more room around the bends in the fiberglass and just like that it fits in perfectly! I needed to use the wood as the hole saw pilot bit had nothing to bite into as there was already a hole. Now just need to make a little mount for the bracket that holds it at the front! It's a 28mm hole

Here are some pictures:


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