1. Bowser

    Front 717 720 Rotax Motor Mounts

    eBay item number: 125456625311 Sea-Doo Rotax 717 720 Motor Mounts Two front 270 000 179 mounts Condition is good Hardware condition is good Genuine SeaDoo items Will be shipped in rigid cardboard box wrapped snugly in packaging paper USPS Shipping Thanks for looking! Check out my other...
  2. W

    Cavitation and weak hole shot 2008 Seadoo Challenger

    Hey guys! My seadoo challenger is cavitation good really badly. Hits redline 8.2k immediately whenever I floor it and then takes a really long time to get on plane. I have read about the ride plate not being sealed correctly but am still thinking the jet pump might just need rebuilt? What are...
  3. erica0718

    Seadoo 800 Rotax Engine

    Hi there, I hope you all are doing well. I have one Seadoo XP limited with an 800 Bombardier ROTAX engine. Please see the pictures below. Does anyone have experience and know where the oil change hole for this engine is? I would also like to know what this plastic bucket is used for? What...
  4. W

    Need help with 98 challenger 1800

    Hey guys, I have a 98 seadoo challenger 1800 twin rotax 787 engines for a couple season, both engines started up fine and ran perfectly. After this winter The port engine seems to have problems firing up, staying idle, while the other runs perfectly. I took it to a local boat shop and the...
  5. Kyle01

    Where do I find a 2019 1503 motor??

    My 2019 gti 155 had a piston come apart at 74 hours... not happy. To make matters worse I can’t find anything for this new of a ski! Piston disintegrated, head got some damage, rod bent, flipped around in the cylinder I’m sure... and it’s all in the sump. Basically junk. I just paid it...
  6. Camarojoe12

    Jet pump questions

    Hi all, I am new to seadoo’s but have always liked the old school skis so I finally grabbed one. It is a 1990 3 seater gt with reverse, it needs a motor which I picked up to swap out of a good running “parts” ski. I figured while I was replacing the engine I would replace all of the fuel and oil...
  7. C

    Hydrolocked 1999 Seadoo gtx 787 rfi

    I have a 1999 Seadoo GTX Rfi I connected the hose to my ski without it running and now I have water in my crank case. Is there a DRAIN plug ? If so, where is it ?
  8. D

    SOLD SOLD...1998 Challenger 1800 - Tons of add ons

    SOLD, thanks for looking.....Beautifully kept SeaDoo Challenger 1800 decked full of upgrades. This is an 18' 7 passenger jet boat with dual jets and 220hp. Upgraded stereo with Bluetooth, full snap-in carpet, optional front bow seat which creates a lounge area and is removable bimini top...
  9. J

    Unknown Rotax 717 Year

    Hey there I am looking at buying a 717 Rotax bombardier motor off craigslist. The guy damaged the sea doo and removed the engine/pump and is now selling them. I cannot figure out what year the engine is and therefore whether it is a 2 or 4 stroke. The guy said he pulled it from a 2010 Sea doo...
  10. Canadian Watchmaker

    2001 Challenger with twin Rotax engines?

    Hello, I am negotiating to buy a 2001 Challenger 1800. The owner is over 300 kilometres away, so I am asking a lot of questions before making the drive. He says the boat is driven by twin 160 hp Rotax engines - rebuilt 20 and 30 hours respectively. All my research shows that a 2001 Challenger...
  11. S

    Seadoo Utopia 205 SE RPM Issue

    Hi all, I am new to the Seadoo family and forum. I have recently purchased a 2006 Seadoo Utopia 205 SE, it has twin rotax engines at 310HP. The problem I am trying to solve has to do with my throttle. On the lake when I am near full throttle (around 40-45mph), my Seadoo's right engine RPMs...
  12. F

    1998 SeaDoo Speedster

    $4500 OBO 1998 SeaDoo Speedster Jet Boat w/ Trailer. 16’ twin engine (2 stroke Rotax 787) totaling 220HP. Mechanically a sound boat, both engines start right up and run just fine. Port Engine: When I purchased this boat the port engine was inoperable. I did a full rebuild on both of the...
  13. V

    What carburator do i order!?!?!?

    I have a 1998 Seadoo Speedster with twin rotax motors. I have no clue what motor size they are, or what carbs to get. There are dual carbs on both motors. I need to replace the passanger side carbs. Are these 787, 717, 720...? Help me please lol. I need to know the correct carb size for mag and...
  14. V

    1998 Seadoo Speedster

    98 speedster with twin rotax. Starboard side motor runs fine. Port side will crank amd try to start, but as soon as it does, it cuts off. Pulled the carbs and cleaned them. It has sat for a while. Didn't have the best fuel in it on the last run either... Don't want to buy new carbs if i dont...
  15. 9

    97 Challenger 1800 - Left Engine Bogging When Warm

    Just bought this 97 Challenger 1800 and put it on the water for the first time last night. Twin 787 Rotax's. Dropped it in the water and took it a few hundred yards up and down the river to make sure everything was going to run okay. Picked up the family from the dock and helped friends load...
  16. T

    Rotax 720 rebuild

    Hello! So I recently acquired a 2001 Seadoo GTI. The previous owner didn't want to pay to have it repaired in the shop so it was given to me to play around with. Upon receiving it, most of the motor was apart, I removed the engine from the ski and striped the rest down to see what kind of...
  17. H

    Blown pistonon SBT rebuild

    Bought an SBT rebuilt 155 hp rotax 4tec for my 2003 Sportster last year. With less than 20 hours on the engine the number 2 piston disintegrated. Put a scope in the spark plug hole and all we saw was connecting rod with pieces of aluminum in the pan. Any one else having problems with pistons...
  18. T

    How much is a 1998-99 seadoo xp worth?

    My buddies dad is selling a 1998-99 seadoo xp with a brand new motor. He recently had all the gauges replaced and a new starter button.Was wandering how much I should pay? The outside of the ski is in good condition.
  19. Force9000

    Looking at buying a 96 GTI, but have some questions!

    Hey everyone, My neighbour has a 96 Seadoo GTI that his landlord has been keeping in his backyard and wants to get rid of. The thing is that it hasn't ran in over 4 years, what would it take to get it running? The engine bay looks like it's in good shape and the tubes and wires look like...
  20. B

    HELP!! 1997 Seadoo Challenger 1800 787 Rotax - BACKFIRE PROBLEM

    Hey guys. new to the forum, I just bought a Seadoo Challenger 1800 a few weeks back, it has the twin 787 Rotax engines, was running great and all was well, but after the last time I took it out on the water, it started Backfiring at low idle on the passenger side engine. I tried the following...