1. Riderrollin

    06 seadoo gti engine descale

    Picked up an 06 seadoo gti closed loop cooling system is full of I guess what one would call mineral deposits (white sand looking solid). COolant in the hoses is green, coolant in reserve tank is orangish color. Skit starts and rips across water over heats and enters limp mode back to shore. I...
  2. K

    2013 seadoo rxp x 260 coolant leak

    I have a 2013 seadoo RXP X 260 that I purchased used with a riva stage 2 kit on it. I’v put about 25 mins on it the one time I took it out with no problems. then I took it out with a buddy n went into the ocean to jump some waves was onli out for like 45 minutes but I did do a couple of full...
  3. R

    cone pipe red hot

    Hi All I have a 99 challenger 1800 that I just got a couple of months ago. It has been hard to start from day one so I changed plugs fresh gas etc. while doing this I noticed water pouring from the cone pipe on one of the engines. I felt down below the exhaust hose and it had blown a hole. I...
  4. J

    Mercury optimax overheating ??? help

    Getting alarm after about 5-10 minutes running at idle..Ran temperature check .Starboard cylinder head is running hot while the port side is cool. Blockage?? but where ?? appreciate advice . comments /recommendations. thx
  5. E

    Overheating 96 GTS

    I bought a 1997 GTS from a guy that seems to have neglected it. I have to do a few miscellaneous repairs to minor things. Finally took it out today and ran great, until about 5 minutes later I got a overheating alarm. Got to the dock and started checking lines. Both "pisser lines" had good flow...
  6. S

    Running ski out of water, GTX low idle

    Hello everyone! (shortened version) I'm not the most experienced seadoo guy (2 years), but I have done a top end on my GTX (2001 RFI) as well as a top and bottom end on my XP (1999), so feel free to speak to that level in any replies. Both skis were run out of water at a gas station (idle)...
  7. M

    2001 RX DI multiple small issues. Follow up

    This post is a follow up from the original post from some time ago. I have been busy. search my earlier post as it was closed. I replaced the MPEM, No joy. BTW have one for sale. PM me if interested. Replaced the voltage regulator, again No joy. Replaced the sensor a third time and No...
  8. Bobby78

    1998 Challenger 1800 twin Rotax, non-stop beeping, not overheating

    This is my first post to the forum, but it has already saved me MUCH aggravation. :thumbsup: The other day in my garage I noticed the plastic wire connector on my port engine temperature sensor was broken off. So, I replaced it like a good owner. Today I took the boat out and after a very...
  9. RedRockSA

    3D- Cooling - Anti-Rollover Bypass Hose

    2005 SeaDoo 3D Basic - I have an overheating problem and am going through the cooling hoses cleaning them out and making sure they are clear. I'm doing a combination of removal, checking for cracks, flushing with water and light cleaner & blowing air into the hoses as well as the valves...
  10. A

    continuous LOUD beep...overheating questions

    Got a loud beep yesterday. we tubed and then sat around for a bit drinking beer. when i went to start my 97 Speedster up again we got the continuous beep before even starting the motors. (I read another's post about some link with the gas gauge. My fuel gauge rests always on empty.) I...
  11. H

    1994 Seadoo GTX alarm beeping

    Just purchased a 94 Seadoo GTX with a 657. Had good compression (140 in both cylinders) and ran great during the lake test. After buying it I placed it on a hydroport at the local marina. When putting the seadoo on the hydroport, it suddenly started a continuous loud beep. I put it back in the...
  12. cuenta

    sea doo flywheel get hot

    hello friends I have a rookie question I have a 1997 gti and the flywheel cover them extremely hot engine block is cold exhaust pipe too is this normal or have any problem thanks for your help
  13. C

    1994 GTX alarm - overheating?

    I launched my 1994 GTX today and the second I hit the start button a piercing alarm sounded and wouldn't go away. I tried to run it for a few minutes to see if it would go away and noticed that the temperature indicator on the panel started flickering. I've been using it just about every...
  14. K

    Overheating Speedster

    I am looking to buy a 1994 speedster but I have been plagued with problems getting it running. The seller has allowed me to get it running before paying and taking "possession". The latest problem has me stumped. One of the engines has been melting the tube that runs from the top of the exhaust...
  15. J

    1997 GTI Exhaust/Overheating problem! Need help!

    I recently bought a 1997 GTI with the 717 motor. I noticed a leaky Tune Pipe and replaced that. I got the ski back on the water made it about a mile at idle and my overheat buzzer went off. Towed her home. While I was playing with the engine I noticed my tell tale was not pumping water. I pulled...
  16. mxrider9239

    1993 seadoo xp overheating?

    hey guys never really thought about it too much but today i was getting a little worried lol, i started my day by getting my ski ready started right up beautfully took it out and rode it for a solid 30mins. i shut it off for a little to take a break and about ten minutes later got on and tried...
  17. H

    Help! overheated, excessive smoke

    Hello guys My 96 seadoo GTX is converted to premix at 40:1 Was running great then kids took it out and I forgot to check the crankcase oil level. Well that oil ran out and while the kids were riding it overheated and shut off. once it cooled they rode it back to the docks. Now it seems to...
  18. H

    2010 Challenger 180 Overheating - Long story

    Hi All, I'm new to seadoos, new to boating, and I'm new to the forums. So I apologize in advance if this problem has been brought up already, I didn't find it in the searches I ran. Yesterday I took my Challenger out for the fourth time, I was getting more confident with it, that is until the...
  19. B

    1995 Speedster cavitation and overheating

    Great forum here, and rest assured that I did some extensive searching before this post. I'm just sorry I have to use it so soon. Bought a 1995 Speedster last week. Ran like a top on a half-hour test. RPMs were good, got out of the hole quick, speedo read 55 MPH, all seemed well. Last...
  20. J

    2006 SeaDoo Coolant System Clogged With Gunk

    Can some one please help me figure out what to do? I paid a guy 400 bucks and he just flushed out the lines and said "if it happens again, you got bigger issues" only to have this happen AGAIN the FIRST time I rode it. What is going on here? Thanks for your help!!