1. erica0718

    Seadoo 800 Rotax Engine

    Hi there, I hope you all are doing well. I have one Seadoo XP limited with an 800 Bombardier ROTAX engine. Please see the pictures below. Does anyone have experience and know where the oil change hole for this engine is? I would also like to know what this plastic bucket is used for? What...
  2. Greensam

    Reed Pedals

    Hey everyone, I'm rebuilding a silver 947 and it needs new reed pedals. The part number for the pedals are 420924612. I have a new set of OE pedals for the white motor part number 290924610. The only difference I can see is that the ones for the silver motor have 4 fingers and the white ones are...
  3. H

    Ibr problem

    I have a 2011 Wake Pro 215. One of the plastic arms in the reverse gate broke. I replaced the part, changed bushings, and reassembled. I started motor, gate went to neutral and all worked fine. I wanted to double check torques on bolts so I did manual override of IBR checked all bolts and...
  4. F

    Stalling/choking when pulling a tube on water. (Utopia 205, 2003, 200hp EFI)

    Hi, I have a Utopia 205, year 2003. The motor is a Mercury Optimax 200 M2 JetDrive. When cruising on water with a fare amount of people (max 8) and equipment store everywhere, all is fine. BUT when pulling a tube with a adult (175 lbs) after several minute, the motor stall/choke...
  5. K

    Possible Starter Motor Problem

    I have an 06 3D. It will start right the very first time you press the start button, but will not turn over until it sits for a few days. After the initial start, it acts like a low battery. It attempts to turn over but can't. It's like it doesn't have enough torque. I tried a new, fully...
  6. L

    Sea Doo wont stop

    Hi I have a Sea doo GTI -99 with a 717 Engine. I really need to get some help to solve a problem I have, the engine will not kill on stop button or if I pull the dess key. If I don't connect the key it will not start (as normal :)), when I connect the key and push the start button the motor...
  7. S

    WTB - 717 engine needed

    I am looking for a 717 motor with single carb prefer for my 99 GTI Seadoo. Please PM me with what u have and also the cost. I live here in eastern North Carolina. So I will need it shipped to me. Thanks.
  8. C

    No start

    99 challenger 1800 won't do nothing. Key in and hit start button and not even a click on either motor. Where do I start?
  9. T

    Locking Crankshaft and Camshaft PLEASE HELP ME !

    Hi, i am trying to lock the crankshaft and camshaft as i want to open the whole engine for cleaning. * My Supercharger gear exploded while driving and had broke the Double Gear Inside the PTO * I think I found the TDC of the Piston 3. It seams to be at top and ready to be fired up :) The...
  10. B

    My 2007 GTX Limited Supercharged shut off and won't restart... Help!!

    Hi Thanks for reading. Can someone please advise me on how to proceed with the dealer... My Dealer serviced GTX engine shut down and won't restart. This machine is/was in mint condition, has only 115 hours and is stored in a heated garage. The supercharger work was done at 89 hours by this...
  11. P

    1995 seadoo xp parts

    I have a 95 seadoo xp with a bad crank bearing. The ski is located in maine 04076. I will sell the entire thing with everything for $500 as is. Email me at Otherwise good for some parts if you guys need them. Cylinders are in good shape $200 Head with minor...
  12. mxrider9239

    1995 seadoo xp shut down and wont!

    hey guys! my friend bought a 95 seadoo xp 720 and us and a couple other friends went out in the bay the other day. He was riding perfect for a good 10 or 15 minutes and then all of a sudden his ski just shutoff, no loud banging noises but he heard something but wasnt sure of what it was. Any way...
  13. G

    Swapping 4-Tec into 2000 Speedster

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums so I am not sure if anyone else has asked this. I have not been able to find any more information regarding a swap. Basically I have a Speedster SK with the 210 Merc. I bought the boat without the motor pretty cheap. I am thinking about swapping in the newer...
  14. gsxkid

    GSX totally dead.

    Today I was out riding my 1997 gsx and it was running excellent (just replaced the plugs) and then all of a sudden it went completely dead. I have only had the ski for around a month and the guy i bought it from switched the 787 in it out to a 717 motor and has wiring for the 717 motor. It was...
  15. A

    2004 SeaDoo Bombardier SOB!!

    so today I was out on the lake with the boat and family and having a blast, then all of a sudden when we pulled into a cove, it sounded like the oil rings were grinding on the inside of the piston cylinder and the motor stalled out. We tried to fire it back up, it stalled out again, then...
  16. H

    1999 Challenger 1800 won't turn over

    Need some help. Got my 99 Challenger 1800 in the shop with an intermetent problem of not turning over. Took the boat out in May. After burning the winterizing lube out it ran fine for about four hours. When I stopped the motor for a swim and tried to crank it up to go home. I could only get...
  17. F

    97 GSI runs Dies

    Hi i just started running my Seadoo after a long time sitting. I changed all the fuel and unplugged and cleaned the contacts of the electrical plugs in the front power panel. First It doesnt beeped twice anymore when I plug in the key Second it runs for say 45 minutes great then shuts...
  18. R

    1997 Seadoo GS stall problem...

    I just bought a 97' GS, it runs and sounds perfect, even hit max speeds of around 50mph+/-. After about an hour, while idle, it started to make a put-put-put noise and stall. After sitting for a few mins, she fired right up as if nothing ever happened. She runs at full throttle after the...
  19. B

    2000 gtx

    I am looking @ buying a 2000 GTX for 2600.00. It has 140hr on it and look well taken care of. My question is it has fuel injection on it and I thought only the GTX-DI had fuel injection. The owner says it came that way. Is there any thing I should look for when I test drive it? It also vibrated...
  20. F

    1996 GTI 717 to 787 swap

    I am getting a 96 gti body and blown motor for free, is it possible to swap the bigger motor without major surgery?