Locking Crankshaft and Camshaft PLEASE HELP ME !

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Hi, i am trying to lock the crankshaft and camshaft as i want to open the whole engine for cleaning.
* My Supercharger gear exploded while driving and had broke the Double Gear Inside the PTO *

I think I found the TDC of the Piston 3.
It seams to be at top and ready to be fired up :)

The only thing is that the camshaft lock only goes about 2 inch Inside the hole on the cylinder head.
Is that normal ? Could crankcase and camshaft could be both locked at the same time. ?

To do this, i turned the drive shaft using a ratchet on flyweal gear retaining gear, magneto.
I found that in a certain point i had a little hole becoming visible in the head cylinder locking hole.
So from there i dropped in the camshaft lock and the screwed in the crankshaft lock.

Please note I removed the chain after both where locked. ( well hope it is well locked )


Also i put the picture of my stripped double gear from a broken super charger gear fall into the pto cover...


Thanks You
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