97 GSI runs Dies

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Hi i just started running my Seadoo after a long time sitting. I changed all the fuel and unplugged and cleaned the contacts of the electrical plugs in the front power panel.
First It doesnt beeped twice anymore when I plug in the key
Second it runs for say 45 minutes great then shuts down with no code after starting and running it another 5 minutes it dies and has a Hi Temp light and code come on. with the low voltage at times. (new battery) at this time I am able to start it and run for short times then it shuts off and as I work my way back to the dock it can only run very shot times. Seems it might be cooling down but dont know.

Please Help help me out as I work on all kinds of things from Hotrods to motorcycles.

UPDATE---- 8:14pm on the same day.
Thermastate: checked it and it closes the circuite at 220 F so that must be good
Cooling line: hoses they are open and not restricted.
Spark Plugs: looks great a coffee brown color maybe a little rich at best but running great.
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