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  1. t2ylorgang

    GSX limited oil and fuel lines

    Hello everyone, I recently got a 99 GSX Limited 951. I need to replace all my oil lines (green sludge). What sizes do I need to do all of them? I was planning on just tracing them for the length but as far as diameter does anyone know what sizes I am going to need? To my understanding I would...
  2. 1

    1999 GSX LT white smoke from starter HELP

    Hey guys! I have been through hours of forums and videos but can't find anything like what is going on with this situation...I have a 1999 gsxlt with the 951 that I bought a few days ago for $700. Took about 20 seconds/ several attempts to start and will die at idle but ran great once it fired...
  3. C

    Intake Grate Ripped off. How to repair?

    Hello all, I got under my Ski this week and realized that the intake grate has gone missing. I’ve done some research and plan to replace it with an aftermarket one. I’d love to hear peoples opinions on which after market one they like/prefer. Additionally I have some questions about mounting...
  4. A

    951 fouling plugs and poor response but has top end?

    Hey guys, I have a GSXL that's been causing me some trouble all summer. I've gone through quite a few troubleshooting steps so far and there hasn't been much of an improvement yet. So the issues I'm having are poor throttle response off idle and the thing fouls plugs in about 15-20 minutes...
  5. M

    Need Purchasing Advice - 1998 (1997.5) GSX Limited

    Hey everyone, I’m here to ask for opinions as I’m in a bit of a corner on if I should do this. A family friend is selling a 1998 (1997.5) GSX Limited with 110 hours. I’ve gotten them down to $1200 USD from 3500 (Crazy I know- “shrewd negotiators”, they’re also in a moving situation) with...
  6. Reardon41

    WTB: UMI gsx/rxp

    Anyone out there have or know where to find a umi system for gsx hull?
  7. Reardon41

    WTB: UMI gsx/rxp

    Anyone out there have or know where to find a umi system for a gsx hull?
  8. A

    1999 GSX Limited electrical issues.

    Hi, So I'm new to these forums and I'm hoping I can get some help. I just bought a 1999 GSX limited that had "electrical issues." When the key is inserted: no beeps, no nothing. I checked the MPEM and found that all fuses were about double the AMPS they should have been. I replaced all fuses...
  9. 1

    HELP 1999 GSX limited mpem buzzing even without tether won't start

    So my 1999 gsx limited was running fine a month ago but I was using the battery from my other ski so I had to get a new battery for it. I go to put the new battery in and when I go to start it as soon as I put the tether in there is a buzzing and one loud beep. The solenoid is engaging...
  10. A

    98 GSX Limited starting issues

    :mad: Hello all. I'm a new member and I've seen a couple other threads on this topic but none of them seemed to come to a solution. I'm hoping you can help. I've got two GSX Limited (5625) that have been sitting for a few years. (winterized correctly and under cover outdoors) I wanted to get...
  11. Tailgate4jc

    1998 GSX Limited....Mid throttle problems

    First off thanks for all you help to come. I have this GSX now for 3 years. I have changed the gray fuel lines to true black fuel lines. I have removed the small filters in the carbs and cleaned and rekitted the carbs. I have an inline filter along with the factory water...
  12. Tailgate4jc

    98 GSX Limited Mid Trhrottle problems....

    Well first thanks for any advise you can share. Now here is the problem. When I put this in the water it runs great for about 20-25 minutes. Then it starts stumbling in mid throttle range. It runs fine at idle and full throttle. It takes a little to get to full throttle but when it gets...
  13. C

    99 gsx limited WONT piss water/intake water when IN water but will do it on hose(rev)

    just recently purchased a 99 gsx limited only 61 original hours orignal owner had carb done in 04 and 09 by a profeesional local shop in 09 the whole ski was went over and new impeller and wear ring and intake grate was put on. (have reciepts) owner supposively winterized it and rode...
  14. G

    1998 Gsx limited taking on water HELP!!!

    I. Just recently bought a 1998 gsx ltd and its takin on water and cant find out were. I tried fillin the hull amd seein if its not coming out newere. I hook the hose up to it amd it dosent fill up but when im on the lake no water comes out the tell tails checked every lime n there dosent seem to...
  15. 7

    need some help with the info gauge for my 99 gsxl

    ok here's my problem. Last year I nailed the face of a wake going about 50 and flipped my ski ripping the hood off. In doing that I completely screwed up my gauge wiring. From looking around on the web I found that the 99 gtxl gauge should work on my ski (according to some people). The part #...
  16. F

    98 GSX Ltd VTS problem

    The VTS (Variable Trim System) on my 98 GSX Ltd is not working at all. when i push the button down it makes a click noise and the same happens when i push the up button. could someone please help me as i dont know much about VTS and would appreciate any help with diagnostic and fixing the...
  17. 7

    1999 gsx limited no power

    Hey guys I just bought this 1999 GSX Limited haven't had it in the water yet. I had it running earlier today, then I decided to do some cleaning in the engine bay. Anyways I saw that the VTS connector was disconnected so I connected it. Now when I plug in the lanyard it does nothing no beeps...
  18. C

    1998 SeaDoo GSX Limited 951_Modification

    Hey everyone, I just joined the forum and I was hoping to get some of your expert help. I just bought a 98 GSX Limited with 72 hours on it. It currently doesn't run properly in that, the only way to keep it running is to choke it again and again. It seems the low speed jet in the carb...
  19. W

    WTB: for a 1998 GSX Limited (silver top)

    Need the following: Drive Shaft Impeller Through Hole seal and boot. In short, I need the entire propulsion system. The parts must be good and drive shaft must be staight. If you have this model SeaDoo with a bad motor or hull please sell me the propulsion system.
  20. B

    Help! 1998 Sea Doo GSX limited

    I am having issues with my See Doo. When it is under load it bogs down severely. It also won't go past 30 MPH. A friend of mine had me do some trouble shooting but hasn't gotten back to me yet. I have cleaned the external fuel filter as best as I could. He also had me ride at full throttle...