Novi Maxflow 46 Jetting Help - 951

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Hey everyone!

As the jetski season gets closer here in Michigan I'm beginning to work on getting things squared away on my big bore GSXL build this year. The general setup will be a bored/stroked/ported 951 up to 1100cc, Miller head, Coffman pipe, and a set of Novi Maxflow 46 carbs.

Does anyone have any idea where I should start with jetting? It will be set up to run on 93 octane.

I have searched for some posts on the topic but haven't found any solid guidance. Do these Novis take larger than normal pilot jets? I found one post saying "A big bore 951 had a 160 pilot (the largest you can get) in a set of Novi carbs and it seemed to like all that fuel" That seems extreme but I don't know for sure.

The carbs came with a 125 pilot, 155 main, and a 2.0 NS with the old gold spring for roughly 32 psi pop-off pressure. I have no idea what engine these were run on before, but the 125 pilot does support the larger low-speed jet idea.

Can anyone chime in and offer some input? I sent an email out to Novitec - hopefully, Tim will reply and offer some help. I've heard he is pretty good about giving accurate jetting assistance. I have jets in every increment from 80-105 but I'm thinking I may need to get another set for a larger diameter range. High speed I have through 187.5

Let me know what you think
For ballpark reference, on a Pump Gas Limited 951 SXR Kawi-Doo, which is about 120 lbs lighter than the GSXL, the jetting for Novi 46 and 48's are:

#145 Main Jet, #140 Pilot Jet, #80 - #100 Return Restrictor Jet

About 18 psi Pop-Off

Pipe Stinger Jet #150-#130

7300-7600 rpm

blue sxr kawadoo3.jpeg