electrical problem

  1. J

    1997 seadoo gtx electrical problem

    Hey guys need help befor I call in the mechanic I have a 1997 seadoo gtx iam haveing some electrical problems or something so I put in a fresh battery and it dose not beep wen I sick the key on it says battery low It says gas is low then its starts and then I drive it for 5 minutes it shuts off...
  2. S

    1992 SeaDoo SP intermittent spark

    Hey guys, My seadoo is sparking intermittently. The plugs are new and when it does decide to spark, it's a nice powerful bright spark. I've checked the water proof wiring harness box to see if anything is loose or damaged and everything looks brand new in there. The first time I got it to...
  3. A

    nothing happens when I attach lanyard/DESS

    Hello guys, I’ve got a seadoo RXP from 2004. A few months ago a very weird problem showed up. When I put the DESS on the DESS-post, literally nothing happens. No bleep, no “seadoo” on the screen. Just like the battery is disconnected. And sometimes, when I leave the key on the post, after a...
  4. zschwalbe4

    96 SPX No Power after starter came out on the water... please help!

    Hello, I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I can usually get the info I'm looking for by reading old threads but this problem has me stumped because I haven't worked with the electrical system much. Heres the story: The seadoo is in great shape inside and out. The starter went bad a...
  5. TechiMan

    2007 Wake 155 - Eletrical Problem (dash cycles and pumps etc with no key on)

    Ok So Have been working on this problem for a while now the following is the troubleshooting I have preformed. The Problem is there a draw load on the battery even when the key is removed. if you watch the dash it cycles every 10-15 seconds and you hear a click in the engine and blurp from...
  6. P

    Electrical Problem with 2015 GTR 215

    Hello I'm new to the forum and just purchased a new GTR 215. I took it out for a one hour ride and tested the all the features and everything worked perfectly. The dealer sold me a ski module kit to install for wake boarding. I installed the kit per the instructions (checked it two times...
  7. quacked1up

    newby needs help

    Hi all, I am new to the forum and new to sea doo ownership. I bought 2 sea doos and a trailer that were sitting near a tree that was struck by lightning. 95xp and 96 gti. I know that with most vehicles with cdi boxes that the cdi is usually the problem. I had a Polaris that I was able to run...
  8. H

    1996 720GS turns over consistently

    Hello, Im new to this forum but I will try and do the best I can to describe my problem. I have a 1996 Seadoo 720GS that has just recently gotten back from getting everything fixed at a local mechanic shop. The guy who was doing the work has had a shop for the past 20 years and had good reviews...
  9. J

    Electrical problem?

    I have a 1996 SPX and last summer I was having starter issues, which I fixed, but now this summer it was running good until me and a buddy were riding 2-up which is probably more weight than it should have on it but anyway we were riding and fell off a few times and the last time we fell off I...
  10. T

    Help with Blower fan

    Recently purchased a 2001 Challenger. The first day on the lake the blower worked a few times before it failed. Also the speedo never worked. checked fuses today and all seem to be fine. does anyone have any suggestions on what could be wrong or suspect.
  11. S

    2002 GTX DI electrical

    Who is the smartest mechanic on this site? In 09 my Sea Doo started stalling out once fully warmed up. The dealer repaired what they said was an exhaust leak but it had the same simptom. I returned it to the dealer in 2010 and told them I wasn't paying anything addtional until they fixed...
  12. J

    Rectifier problem??

    My 96 gsx has had this problem since last year but it is getting worse when i plug in the lanyard i get my 2 beeps all systems go But then there is a pause and then i get 4 more beeps all systems no go i do not blow any fuses, in the past i was able to pull out the fuses put them back...
  13. J

    1997 GSI - Keeps losing electrical power??

    Hey there... I've tried searching this on past threads with no luck. I have a 97 GSI that randomly keeps losing electrical power. It's only been in freshwater, has approximately 170hrs on it. I've narrowed down to something in the rear electrical box, located near the battery. I would assume...
  14. S

    97 GTI with electrical problem

    Hi and hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm hoping someone can help me out here... First time out with a 97 gti i just bought and system did not beep when connecting NESS key, but it started and ran well. A few minutes into riding, my fuel gauge was not working and the speedometer worked...