2007 Wake 155 - Eletrical Problem (dash cycles and pumps etc with no key on)

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Ok So Have been working on this problem for a while now the following is the troubleshooting I have preformed.

The Problem is there a draw load on the battery even when the key is removed. if you watch the dash it cycles every 10-15 seconds and you hear a click in the engine and blurp from the fuel pump, my local dealer said it was likely the Rectifier or the starter solenoid.

The doo Starts and runs fine it just does not seem to shut off.

1 - Brand New Battery and all connections cleaned
2 - new starter solenoid
3 - added new ground to engine
4 - Tested output from rectifier and I get a solid 14v at 2-3000 rpm

the only things that I have found to stop this problem is if I do any of the following

- Disconnect the battery cable.
- Disconnect the cable that leads to the DSS post and Beeper..(double plug one wire seems to go to DSS and the other goes to one of the 3 DSS wires)

- If I pull the relay that sits above the 2 30 amp fuses (I tired replacing this with a known good one and no change)

I have Pulled the Plug from both the stator side and system side of the rectifier and had no change.

I have tried pulling all of the fuses 1 by 1 and none stopped the cycling.

So to Sum this Up I am now looking at what parts to replace, the way I see it is I need 1 of 3 parts.

- the Beeper (still loud and obnoxious so guessing its not the problem)
- the DSS Post (not sure there is much to go wrong with it and I will likely need to re-program my key)
- the MPEM (Sounds like a costly part and will likely need dealer programming)

So I am pretty frustrated and my dealers are located over an hour away and want lots of $$ to do any sort of diagnoses or programming so I am looking for by best option to go forward to fix this.

Thanks in advance.

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