1. D

    2007 and 2009 RXT-215 In process of purchasing looking for insight

    Good evening forum! Just getting ready to join the seadoo family and came across a couple of seadoos and the price is around 12k for the two plus a trailer. Would you guys think that’s a good deal if the doos are in working condition? Both are under 200 hours and have been maintained per the...
  2. DJ230xp

    Any Alternative or is Big Air Cuda Tower the best?

    Anyone using the Big Air Cuda Tower? Wakeboard Tower Mounting Hardware | Cuda Tower | Big Air Wake Towers I just watched this video on YouTube, It convinced me of what I was already thinking about some of these narrow stance mounts. I recently bought a 2007 230 Wake without a tower so I’m in...
  3. bwynne

    2007 RXT no beeps or power to dash.

    Hey everyone. I have a pair of 2007 RXT's. The red one seems to be the trouble maker. At the end of last season I replaced the key post, and test many many times to make sure it worked. Both skis were winterized and stored. This week I put a brand new battery in and nothing; no beeps, no...
  4. Diablo

    New Idea's For my Challenger 180 SE 2007

    Hi i have been doing lots of reading here in the forum over the last few months and decided to start modding my boat due to winter kicking in here as of this month. So i decided while she isn't in use i should get started on few things first off getting rid of that huge stock air filter (i have...
  5. TechiMan

    2007 Wake 155 - Eletrical Problem (dash cycles and pumps etc with no key on)

    Ok So Have been working on this problem for a while now the following is the troubleshooting I have preformed. The Problem is there a draw load on the battery even when the key is removed. if you watch the dash it cycles every 10-15 seconds and you hear a click in the engine and blurp from...
  6. dotz

    Need help on 2007 rxp

    Hello, this is my first time on this site and needed some help on a ski. I am looking at a 2007 rxp 215 with 160 hours. It looks to be in good shape. I believe it is mostly stock. I will be going to look at it tomorrow. I know about the washers needing to be replaced, and the superchargers to...
  7. S

    Speedster cavitation, bogging and fuel

    Good day I'm new here at the site and my first post I'm having few problems with my 2007 speedster 150 SCIC. Cavitation, bogging and consuming fuel. I bought the boat from a friend of mine, 110 hours on the clock, I took it to the dealer for full service, and have replaced some parts...
  8. M

    Kill switch not working

    Hello. I just recently purchased a 2007 Sea Doo GTI SE 155. I read a lot of great reviews and ran across one at what I thought was a pretty good price. When I looked at it at their house, everything looked great. I turned it on, it started right up, not a hickup at all. However, I got it home...
  9. A

    Injector spraying fuel constantly

    Hi, We had a little accident and tipped our Seadoo RXP 2007 over, it was upside down for to long and the engine compartment was flooded with saltwater. We flushed the engine and the engine runs fine on two cylinders. But on one of the cylinders the injector is constantly spraying maximum of...
  10. J

    2007 Sea Doo Speedster 150 w/ 215HP, Red, White & Black for sale

    This is an immaculate, low use, efficient, speedy jet boat with enough power to surpass 56 MPH or pull 6 adults on 2 triple tubes. Accelerate to top speeds in a matter of seconds, turn abruptly with confidence & maintain control with ease. This boat conveniently operates in shallow waters and is...
  11. J

    Hole shot horrible help please

    I took my 07 challenger 180 yesterday and it acts like something is caught up in it at dead start. If I take off slow it does fine and also will still run 40/45mph. I looked up underneath and nothing seams to be in the impellar. Why would it start up like that but still run full speed? Thanks JG
  12. D

    2007 Seadoo GTI and RXP for sale

    2007 Seadoo RXP and GTI for sale with trailer and supplies. Less than 50 hours on each ski. Both in create condition. Pictures and specs here: www.buymyjetskis.com Thanks,
  13. W

    '07 GTI SE 130HP - slipping clutch?

    All, This boat has 80 hours on it. We live on a fresh water lake. Until a week ago it was perfect. I've serviced it myself. Oil and filter changes, throttle body lubrication and cleaning. No worries. Then... it feels as though the clutch is slipping. I know it doesn't have a clutch but...