wake 155

  1. TechiMan

    2007 Wake 155 - Eletrical Problem (dash cycles and pumps etc with no key on)

    Ok So Have been working on this problem for a while now the following is the troubleshooting I have preformed. The Problem is there a draw load on the battery even when the key is removed. if you watch the dash it cycles every 10-15 seconds and you hear a click in the engine and blurp from...
  2. TechiMan

    Help with Replacement jet pump

    Hey guys, I need a little advice/hints for replacing my Jet-pump in my 07 wake, I have ordered received the new pump from SBT and its the new Al housing and I have found that the shaft is different, my ordinal one was. The ordinal one had a 12mm alan head to remove the impeller and this new one...
  3. S

    Wake 155 sea too jet ski or fletcher for heavy guy waterskiing

    Hey, I really want to get a jet ski or boat for waterskiing (can't mono, yet), kneeboarding and maybe wake boarding (want to try it), I have around £3,000 (from summer jobs, worked hard ;P) which is enough for a fletcher that'll get me up - I'm around 90kg so 200lbs. We have a boat which...