96 xp

  1. James_bond12

    fuel tank recall

    Hello everyone I know this is similar to other threads but, I am going through the dealership games to replace the fuel tank on my 96 XP. It still qualified under the recall according to BRP (I also have it in writing if the dealer questions it). I also have a 95 GTX that looking around the...
  2. S

    Can't fix my VTS

    I bought a used 96 Seadoo xp and the only problem with it is the vts, no surprise. Whenever I hit the up or down button all I hear is clicking in the housing. I've tried everything and my vts still isn't working. I've taken out the motor and connected it directly to the battery and it works...
  3. JustSteve

    96 XP Testing the CDI Module

    I am not getting spark signal to the coil. Checked the inductive pickup, grounds, plug wire, new coil, ohmed out white wire from mag connector and connector in relay box. Tested the CDI with multimeter and found Black (+) to GY/WH (-) 500K ohms vice 33K ohms specified in the shop manual. Picked...
  4. R

    96 XP - DESS changed behavior. Suddenly, have to press Start before it sees the key.

    First post here, glad this forum exists. I have a 96 XP that's worked fine for the 12 years I've owned it. Always just put the DESS lanyard key on the post, beep-beep, hit start. Always. Boat runs great. This weekend, I started it on the trailer for a few seconds in preparation for...
  5. X

    96 xp Burning piston on mag side

    Hi Guy's Have been struggling with this ski for a while going through the carbs over and over thinking I am missing something causing it to burn the mag side piston.(I get about a season and a half before having to replace the piston) Also the carbs will not adjust. Making changes to the slow...
  6. 1

    Fuel or Electrical? 1996 XP

    I have owned this ski for the past several years. Every summer it either gives me a fantastic day at the lake or a headache. Ran the ski for about 1/2 hour through wakes at about 2 thirds throttle. When I reached a protected area where the lake was fairly flat I ran at about 1/3 throttle. I...
  7. G

    DESS Key problems: 96 XP

    Sea Doo Friends, I would appreciate your advice on a problem with my 96 XP. I pulled the ski out for the first time from winter with a few problems. I knew when I put it up I had a problem with a stripped shaft or PTO. When I first tried to get it to start it would not turn over. I came to...
  8. D

    nwi looking for 96 xp hull!

    i recently purchased a what looked to be a 96 xp other than the obvious hull looking a little rough well the hull is shot so i need to either find a new hull or piece this whole thing out! my hopes are that i can find a hull on here! Thanks Dan
  9. K

    96 XP Bogging Down in the Water PLEASE HELP!!

    Hey guys, new to the forum. I love Seadoos since ive owned one for almost 5 years now. Anyway, I recently bought a 96 XP to add to my 95 gtx. The 95 runs fine but the 96 has some problems. If this matters any, its a yellow 2 seater. Anyway, when I bought it from the guy he said that it runs...
  10. J

    HELP!!! 96xP won't turn on in water but runs fine on trailer.

    I recently bought a 96 xp seadoo. It ran really slow in water. I took it got a tune up and it turns on the trailer with the water hose connected and stays on. I take it to the water and I'd don't want to start. Sounds like it backfires... Any help is really appreciated. Thank you
  11. M

    96 XP - Just changed the jet pump oil...

    So I just changed my jet pump oil in my 96 XP before heading out to the lake. Sadly afterwards I realized I grabbed a non-synthetic blend of marine gear lube. :banghead: How important is the synthetic oil as opposed to standard dino based gear oil? It is the correct weight. So what kind of...
  12. Y

    96 xp wont go past 10 mph

    hello i have a issue with my sea doo yesterday not sure but i go the electrical system wet so it fouled out the plugs.so i let it dry out and put new plugs in and it starts up and runs in a skip but when i go to give it gas and hold it down it just wont go past 10 mph??
  13. JPYxp

    96 xp running lean

    I recently bought a 96 xp 787 and the previous owner did an oil block off and rebuilt the carbs. He said i should take the ski somewhere and have the carbs tuned and adjusted. He said it was running lean... My question is, is this something i should have done by a shop? Im familiar with cars and...
  14. Brholwer

    96 seadoo xp bogging surging HELP!!

    at full speed bogs in and out of full throttle new fuel lines and cleaned filter above tank no difference had carbs rebuilt last year,
  15. C

    96 xp carb issues Please help.

    I just picked up two 96 xp one ran and one had what the seller said was a blown motor but its was just a blown jet pump. The one that ran had rebuild carbs but always had a flat spot when i hit the gas if pulled the choke it rev fine. So the second ski had brand new crabs swapped them and it...
  16. 6

    bad weekend please help

    ok it started with my son pulling the 98 spx off the trailer and loosing a flip flop in the lake as I pulled off he started the ski and said it reved but would not move then it finally started to move so he went on riding when he came in he said that it would not get to full speed and would bog...
  17. T

    96 xp not getting fuel

    We put in a new battery, and it turns over great. We replaced the gray fuel lines, cleaned the carbs, but it won't start. Next we put gas in each cylinder, replaced the plugs and it fired a few times. It seems that its not getting fuel, Is there a fuel pump?